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the frame the 8 appears is 0.02 on the timer at bottom. i found that pressing 2 opposite keys cancels the move animation sort of and saves some time.

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You didn't get 0.02. The timer isn't accurate, and I think we go by the rule that the first frame the tile fully merges the timing ends (Or maybe it's just the animation that loses time over your run, and the timing ends the first frame the tile is visible). 4 frames is the fastest time. I'll let someone else fully explain this if they want to
Also, if any page is allowed, then it's a .02 I guess, but still, the timer isn't accurate

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4 frames is the best possible time, Bricks can't move faster than this.

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yeah i see bricks cant move faster, but like what if you cancel he animation of the bricks moving by pressing another key and it merges instantly?

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Its not the problem, we just have to know what is the mini time possible


There is no minimum time in speedrunning, that's the whole point of speedrunning: Trying to find it. People in Odyssey thought 1:01 would be literally impossible, yet they did it, legitimaly. Runs shouldn't be rejected because theyre too fast.

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The thing is, there can be a minimum time in speed running, @blueYOSHI. For instance, you clearly couldn't get a 2048 in less than a second, because not only is it impossible to mash buttons that quickly, and think that quickly, but computers don't even process stuff fast enough for that to be possible, even in a TAS. That's important to note. There IS a minimum time for every speed run, but usually no human ever reaches it, because we're humans, and we aren't perfect.

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