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This is old news lol
There's this guy named TAS who beat Cheese by like 20 minutes back in 2012

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The mods are just dumb
This is the real wr and anyone who denies this fakes their runs

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The problem with this video is that it syncs with Cheese's speedrun


I tried using fuck and that worked pretty fast


I've submitted a run that got accepted with it, so it should be fine.


1. Nobody cares that you're first so stop
2. It means you can't submit a time with the video recorded with a webcam if it's under a certain amount of time. You need to use a capture card or screen capture software (for emu).

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An unofficial category shouldn't be a separate game lol
1. Why is this on SM64 forums and not the SRC forums?
2. Do a game that you played a lot. For me, this game is SMW (a good speedgame for beginners). Another good beginner speedgame is the Valentines Day 2017 google doodle. It's very easy to learn, and not that long.
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Short Answer: Nope. No modifications ever.
Long Answer:
While you can't use a mod, it is possible to use a 16:9 ratio on SM64 without any mods.This should be allowed because it's only using a custom resolution, not any mods.
I use these by Dotsarecool.
These are only good for 16, 1, and 0 star runs.
I can confirm that this is real
Here's a video of it
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Plain is ovbiously talking about the SNES classic
Don't waste money on a $100 laptop. Save up for something that is actually good. You probably won't even be able to emulate SM64 smoothly on a $100 laptop, let alone record it.
1. SM64 was never ported to Android by Nintendo
2. The mods have decided that Project 64 1.6 is the only emulator that is appropriate for speedrunning. That's just the way it is.
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DD video.avi.exe
Totally legit
I did this once while messing around with the blj there
Save and quit
It happened to me today
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