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Imagine flooding your notifications with that




(I know this forum post is a year old but I don't care)
Why not make a multiplayer category


Without the ability to tas the game it's impossible to find out


Imagine if someone added the categories in the first post to the main lb


You can't put this in a pastebin or something?

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haha no


I'm not a mod but I think it's allowed. It's built into the game so I believe it's valid. As long as you don't use a turbo controller you should be fine.


I got mine from Amazon

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I'm for banning ZSNES but to be honest I don't think anyone's made malware for ZSNES. And if anyone has it'd be really uncommon. Downloading a rom itself is probably more dangerous than using ZSNES.



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Asking for a rom here is pointless because you'd probably get banned for linking to piracy

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submit runs here

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Banned from intro% is the worst idea for a category ever
That would be like if the sm64 community made a new category called "16 star but start your timer when closing the last message after the intro cutscene"
You can't just make up dumb categories to get free wrs

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oh fuck sorry supreme leader

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Hello Gamers.
Today I would like to share some evidence that Faultheit's all missions run is fake!
I have put my evidence in this video
I hope that the mods can get this ridiculous cheater BANNED from leaderboards

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