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The Android and iOS versions will be gone in 2 days
I have the Android version backed up, but the iOS version will be lost to time.
If you want to play the game on a mobile device, download it NOW.


That's close enough right?
You don't really need precise timing for a category like girlfriend%.
Don't get me wrong, retiming the run is still important, but I don't think it has to be that precise.

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For those who don't know: the devs were kind enough to include an offline mode in the final patch. However, there is one catch: you have to download it before the game is shut down.
For iOS/Android you have until November 20th to download it, and for PC/Mac you have until December 20th to download it.
If you didn't download it in time, there are methods to download it after it shuts down but it's always better to have it from the official website.
By the way you probably won't be able to do banned% in offline mode so do it now while you can.

Also join the Club Penguin Speedrunning discord

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I'd rather have no date than an estimated date.


2. that's a bad category idea

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You don't need to know the date of a run to put it on the lb tho
also sorry for bump


nvm all of the games suck
wont add unless someone does a run


idc lol now make up the shut




you better run it ???


Reminder that you have less than 2 months left to run the game


The new rules are now in effect.
I've change it to
Sea caves: 19.5 seconds or above
Tube Race
Red: 25 seconds or above
Blue: 36 seconds or above


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