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Hello fellow runners,

I am happy that this game still receives some attention from a small community. 🙂 It was feared, quite some time ago, that one day this game might be optimized enough so that a very specific timing could or could not matter. With more and more runner achieving a sub17 time, this time practically has arrived.
On the discord we were discussing the means of it and it seems to be only fair, to use a new timing method for the runs that doesn't include load times. Which frames are to be cut off is not 100% set in stone but for now we think, before the start of a level, the moment the orb disappears until either the trail appears or the avatar lands on the ground is a good option. Ideally, this new timing setup will be present in the upcoming autosplitter, hopefully. Expect the change to happen some time during the next week.
littlebear, with the help of psvm, did a very good job, calculating the new times and all the runs will get the updated w/o load time in an extra column. I hope this won't create too many inconveniences for new runners and will, in fact, only make it more fair for all of us. 🙂

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Just to clarify for those of us that weren't in the discord - is this trying to eliminate the randomness of the fast/slow orbs at the checkpoints? When you say "before the start of a level" - is that referring to the entire overworld area where you choose the level? (if so, that would remove the "finish as far to the right as possible" strategy from the first boss)


Hey jy, thanks for your reply (hey, that rhymes!)

the orb activation cycles have actually been figured out and are not random at all. 🙂 What we refer to are the loading times between activating the level orb from the hub when the avatar falls down. These times seem to differ from player to player and makes it an unfair (dis-)advantage.

That is to say, the "finish as far to the right as possible" strat for boss 1 is, sadly, still necessary if you want to have a good time unlike me in my pb.


Oh man, you mean this section, for example? - when the sprite is just kinda hanging there? If so, I've never thought about that being a variable.

And you're sure the time difference is related to loading times rather than whatever was causing the slow orbs? (sorry for being out of the loop, but I missed that find as well)


Resurrecting an old thread, including the answers from a retired moderator! 😮

Anybody wants to put down their opinions about "true loadless" or not?

Explanation: The Ingame timer is capable of accurately cutting out the times when the game ¤actually¤ loads. We came up with a way to get "close to" loadless times way that was easy to apply on existing videos. With the new tool which practically every runner uses nowadays, this is not necessary anymore. Who runs the game on other platforms anyway? 😃

Eevee was so kind and already did the math for existing runs, reassigning the times should not take too long.

Any other thoughts on this?


omg yea pls

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I think you already know my opinion on this 😉

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I think I disagree with the point "Who runs the game on other platforms, anyway?" as an argument for adding true loadless. Would this mean that only PC/Mac runners could effectively post on the leaderboards?

Unless there is some consistent load time that can be measured for each platform so that all platforms can compete on the leaderboards, I would disagree with overriding current loadless with true loadless.

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Hello Gelly,

you are absolutely right "who runs the game on other platforms, anyway?" is indeed NOT a valid argument. It was more meant to be a joke but I made it in the wrong context. 😃

There is, however, indeed a method to find out the "true loadless" time for platforms the ingame timer is unavailable for. It includes frame counting after the (still incomplete...) guide and afterwards adding a certain amount of frames back to it to have the accurate count.

Unfortunately, until the next big SRC update, the dropdown menu will exists for all categories and all individual levels, even though it makes no sense for All Levels and IL4; there kinda is a workaround but that makes things a lot more cluttered and confusing, as all the variables for comparison would still appear for ALL categories, so a lot of the same variables would pop up and you wouldn't know which one is which. After the update we could have the variable truly only appear on those categories and levels for which it applies. (I hope...)