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Is there a pattern for the 2nd phase yet? (I mean, this might look stupid but I'm horrible at this boss)


The position of the "evil" triangle are random, except they will never spawn, after phase activation, so that you don't have to do any input to hit them. Other than that your pattern will always be a 90° followed by a 180° turn followed by a 90° turn again etc.

So, I hat to say it, but 2nd phase for 3rd boss, all you can do is git gut. 😉 If you're playing with a controller, it can help for you to turn your controller 90° for the 90° shots.

There's a pattern for the third phase, however, in case you don't know:

Assuming you're arriving without a single missed shot at phase 3, in order to activate the phase, the triangle has to point down, perform a 180° rotation and hit the square on top. This is when the phase initiated. Now remember the following pattern:

At - At - Away - At - At - At - Away

What I mean by this is: The rotations of both your little triangle friend and the rotations of the evil triangles will always be the same. The spawns of the triangle will be different, yes, but the relation between your triangle position and the evil triangle position will always be the same. What this means is, you can tell where to put your little triangle towards BEFORE the rotations have even started. And that is exactly what all the runners do:
The first triangles appear, immediately phase your little triangle towards the evil one (at). Second triangles, point it at again. Third, now point it away from it. Next one is at, next is at, next is at again and the last one is away. It sounds a bit confusing when writing this, however it is 100% consistent and a lot easier to memorize than trying to "feel" the rotations beforehand. Plus, you'll be very nervous when reaching the third boss, better rely on something rock solid.

Hope to have helped you out. If you have any more questions, feel free to join our Discord server!

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Yeah, I knew that phase 3 pattern lol
I might train to get to it then aha


you should have watched my streams Alpha 😉


heh well i should've

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