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Forum: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Thread: Updates / May 28 2019

Started by: 13irth13irth

Matt wanted to organize the leaderboard better and I thought I'd do it since he went to bed. I preserved everything, even the text under the submissions. If you notice anything wrong let me know. We'll double check before clearing up the main page.

Another note: we need more people running the game, or at least the same runners from before practicing and improving times. We found a new tech that allows wall clipping in certain places, and we have definitely not found everything yet. Every so often I open the game to look for new things and sometimes I do find something new. It would speed up the process if people helped out.

If you're really interested in the game and want to help unveil all the shortcuts, join the new IJET discord.


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Forum: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Thread: New Discord!

Started by: 13irth13irth

Suggest some things for the server if you want more. For now it's just for discussing strats and glitches and posting speedrun vids.


Forum: Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Thread: Questions

Started by: 13irth13irth

Oh I didn't notice that thanks.


Forum: Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Thread: Questions

Started by: 13irth13irth

OOB? Why not just call it any%?
Also where's the easy difficulty?

imo there's too many categories.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: KH3 Leaderboards

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

Thank you. Day 1 WR claims are cringe at best.


Forum: HA/CK

Thread: New Rule About FPS Manipulation

Started by: 13irth13irth

FPS manipulation is pretty powerful but only works on weaker systems. Since using external programs isn't allowed, and not everyone has a low-end computer, I'm not allowing speedruns that use low FPS to bypass doors.


Forum: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Thread: NEW Wall Clipping Glitch!

Started by: 13irth13irth

So much potential with this. I can't believe it hasn't been found before, and I'm actually surprised that I found it. I didn't expect anything to work and I literally spent hours just doing random actions against random corners. Then 1 out of 1000 attempts this happened. I then opened up OBS and attempted it again. 2nd time was much cleaner. Also this may look fast, but it took me 3 minutes since the start of recording (I cut that part out). So there's gonna be a lot of learning and risk/reward stuff. It just means that the WR will always be open until someone can find a consistent way to do this glitch. I'm just really happy I found this.

Edit 1: OKAY so I have learned that you can't clip through corners that push you away when you jump whip them. It simply isn't possible. That applies to most corners. However there's still some potential. Just gotta find the right places to use it.

Edit 2: Apparently only corners with small ledges can be clipped through without being pushed back. No idea why.

Edit 3: So after a couple days of testing, whipping may not be necessary. Also, it may not even have to be a corner. You can jump through walls as long as you're standing on a tiny ledge. I haven't tested this myself, but this is really neat.


Forum: Gray Dawn

Thread: 100% Guide

Started by: 13irth13irth

coming soon... (I didn't even beat it 100% yet tbh)

edit: Can someone show me a video where they get 100% so I can adjust the 100% rules for that. I actually have no idea and I'm too lazy to do it myself. I'm not even sure if I'll attempt running the game again..


Forum: Transmissions: Element 120

Thread: 100%?

Started by: RiceHaplinRiceHaplin

If you want to do that then sure. I forgot about that stuff.


Forum: I Want To Be Human

Thread: Anyone Got the PC Version Working?

Started by: 13irth13irth

All I'm getting is a black screen with a white square. The game "loads" but my display doesn't show anything except black with a white square, even though I can still interact with the menu and what not. I tried running it with different compatibility settings + running as admin and nothing changes.

EDIT: Got it to work by disabling windows aero. Really weird.


Forum: Transmissions: Element 120

Thread: 100%?

Started by: RiceHaplinRiceHaplin

What would qualify for 100%? Is there things to collect? I didn't think there was anything like that. 100% seems pointless.


Forum: Transmissions: Element 120

Thread: RTA vs. IGT

Started by: AdvanstAdvanst

I have no knowledge of Half-Life runs, and I know you are very experienced with them, so I say yes you should set it up like the other ones.

And I appreciate your efforts.


Forum: HA/CK

Thread: How To Time Real-Time

Started by: 13irth13irth

When recording, usually people use livesplit. Sometimes people use sony vegas and add a timer on there. However when there's no timer on the video, I found it easiest to time it using this site:

You can use < and > to go frame by frame.
I usually write the time of the first frame of the run down on notepad, then write the time of the last frame, then subtract the two.

(The first frame being the frame the screen flashes white after clicking start, and the last frame being when the frame the final IGT appears in the box at the end.)

The reason real-time is used alongside IGT is because the timer pauses when you click off the game. RT is the most accurate time if you take that into account.

Also regarding that site, I found it accurate enough to use here but it only reads up to the hundredth, and not the thousandth decimal place.



Forum: HA/CK


Started by: 13irth13irth

"Timer manipulation" is no longer a thing.
You can actually save real-time by skipping the introduction by pausing during the intro dialogue, then clicking off the game and on it again.

I used to think that the in-game timer would only freeze but the dialogue would continue at the same rate. That's not the case.

So now the game will have to be timed real-time. I will be using both the IGT and RT for future runs to make it fair for everyone.

This new rule is retroactive, I will take care of the old run times. No worries about re-timing it yourself. However the old runners may want to run it again with the new trick and bring their times down.


Forum: Velo Kitty

Thread: Bartelds run not retimed

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

I approved without checking. I leave it to you ravetuba.


Forum: James Bond 007: Nightfire (PC)

Thread: PC Nightfire now has its own leaderboard

Started by: FitterSpaceFitterSpace

I'm considering trying this game out. Just wondering if there's any known glitches or skips... or any kind of tutorials to get started?


Forum: HA/CK

Thread: Game Link!

Started by: 13irth13irth

It's free so grab it if you're interested.


Forum: The Evil Within 2

Thread: A Message Towards The Moderators

Started by: TheBritishRunnerTheBritishRunner

Just so everyone knows, all my posts I spoke for myself. I didn't do anything because of anyone else.

Secondly, I deleted my own posts because I didn't want to have anything to do with this game other than my run.

Thirdly could you fix your "PS4" run to say PC if you ran it on PC ty


Forum: Stuart Little: The Journey Home

Thread: A TAS I Made... (Any%: 7:12.40)

Started by: 13irth13irth

TAS is usually timed from when the console gets turned on to last input. My last input was at 7:32.44 but for the Any% category on here it would be timed at 7:12.40 because that's when I picked up the last item in the game.

Now that I think of it I really should fix it because it's actually faster than 7:12.. I timed it wrong.

Edit: It's actually 7:06.17. Timed from the frame story mode is selected, to the frame where the screen goes black after picking up the last note.

Edit 2: HMmm.. Actually I'm not sure what the frame rate is.. So.. ripparoni.

Edit 3: Okay so according to wikipedia it's about 59.7 frames per second.
Any% = 25577 Frames = 07:08:25
TAS (First Frame to Last Input) = 27164 Frames = 07:35:01


I used this to calculate:

Anyway if it's possible to fix the title that would be coo