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Thread: 1.01 US exe?

Started by: AlacrisAlacris

As someone who has used the downgraded Steam version with that 1.01 EXE, I can't say I had any issues with regular crashes using it. Do you run the game with one core affinity? Not doing so can be linked to crashes and black screens. Sometimes running the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode once and then going back to normal can also help for me. But yeah, the two shouldn't be incompatible in my experience.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Moderation issues. This is not an attack.

Started by: BooskopBooskop

As a recent addition to the moderator team, I'd like to give my own re-assurances, having now seen this thread, that I would like to make sure people are happy with how things are being run.

In my previous position of Verifier for the last month or so, I was more focused on adjusting in getting familiar with the verifying process between my various other commitments. It's a shame to see that that there has been discontent with other areas, but personally I'm thankful for any such constructive criticism, as it makes it clearer where I should be focusing my attention.

The forums have not been something I have typically been putting much focus on so far, I will admit - again, so far I've seen my job as mainly just verifying the runs - but from this point on I would like to dedicate myself to keeping an active eye on here and making sure people's voices feel heard about issues they want to raise with us. I want to make sure I'm doing my job as moderator properly and make sure people don't feel ignored in what they have to say. So from this point on you certainly have my word that I will be listening - I hope I can show that as time progresses. Thank you to everyone who raised their concerns in this thread - I encourage you to continue doing that by making threads or contacting mods regarding any other problems you may want addressed or discussed!

With regards to the specific issues mentioned in the first post, it would appear they have been largely resolved or are in the process of it, however I will be keeping up with any changes there may be.

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