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Thread: Hello all!

Started by: GreatwanniGreatwanni

Welcome 🙂

To answer your question, you need to upload the video to YouTube/Twitch/insert video hosting service here, then link it when submitting a run; Speedrun.com doesn't offer video hosting. Also, the run needs to be verified, so it won't be immediately up on the leaderboards.

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Thread: Favorite drinks?

Started by: LorLor

Non-alcoholic: Espresso.
Alcoholic: Any smooth, smoky whisky. Not enough of a connoisseur to know any particular brands 😛

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Thread: How/Where did you get your username?

Started by: GuffGuff

My online handle's a bit of English/Japanese wordplay. '10' being pronounced in English as 'ten', 'Shi' pronounced as it is, combines to 'tenshi' - Japanese for 'angel'.

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Thread: Any Anime Fans Here?

Started by: PB_SpeedrunsPB_Speedruns

Watched way more when I was younger, haven't been following anything while it was airing since... Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I think? Nowadays I watch a series or two per year.

Don't really have a favorite show or genre; depends way too much on my mood at the time.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Introducing yet another (semi-)casual speedrunner

Started by: 10Shi10Shi

Hello, y'all!

First, a few personal trivia tidbits. Finnish. Probably one of the older speedrunners over here (turned 30 this year), might be totally wrong about this, though 😃. Rocking dreadlocks and a couple video game related tattoos.

As the thread title indicates, I'm not exactly going to push for any WRs, just having a bit of casual fun. Currently doing ILs of Celeste trying to learn the game well enough to do a decent-ish any% run (my first any% goal's under an hour). Need to push myself to practice the later levels as well instead of just trying to improve the first few ILs 😛

Another game that I'm considering running is SUPERHOT, though that'll be further down the line. Maybe.

A'ight, that's enough of my rambling. Might check into the forums in greater detail. Might just post this and go back to lurking and gameplay uploads. Either way, cheers to anyone who read this, and have a nice day 🙂

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