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Hi everyone ! Unlash_ here !.
Actually , i see how 1080 community grows up , we have more players , best times , an excellent community…
We work as well in the principal category called « level leaderboard » including the goal to get the best RealTimeAttack on each races.
The full game leaderboard , inclunding to get the WR on each mode following the races and combined the times you got on it.
This two categories is the « body » of 1080 speedruning , but , as we can see , they gets few limits :obliged to use the goldman to pretend to be the best ; obliged to get the penguin board because they get x2 stats than others boards. ; less variations gameplay…

So , i think that’s important , for casual players who wants to show their skills on the game , to create , at least , more categories , even if is like too high.
to not « destroy » , or « rotten » the main page of 1080 speedruns , i prefer to create a third page of 1080 snowboarding called « category extensions » , same for avalanche.
That’s more entertaining for people and increase the experience of the game erasing the « stucking » problems on it. (i don’t , of course , criticize the game or something like that).
And that’s the categories i want to show you for 1080 snowboarding :
In the level leaderboard :
-ricky%/akari%/rob%/dion%/kensuke% = choose the characters appears in the characters select screen. The time begins when you started a new race. (IGT)
-characters% = choose any authorized characters in the character select screen. The time begins when you started a new race. (IGT)
Dumb/idiot level races: concerning air make/half pipe (trick/training) and free. (IGT)

Goldman/penguin board in this two each categories are forbidden.

-tahoe151%/merlot147%/B-line149%/Scout156%/tahoe155%/Scout162%/Merlot143%/B-line154% = choose any characters on the screen , and use the board of the categories. The time begins when you started a new race. (IGT).

Goldman/penguin board is forbidden.
So , that’s , if you agree , my opinions on the level categories , if you have any questions , tag me Unlash_ on and i answers you 😃
For the full game leaderboard :
-Any% = finish each modes , the timer begins when you started Crystal lake in novice mode , and finished when you pass the redline on Deadly fall in expert mode , you can't stop the timer when you finished moutain village and dragon cave in novice and hard race , and continue it when you started the next mode. The final time is the addition to all of your score for each races. (RTA).
All characters are allowed.
-Max% = beat all modes on the game (excluding 2vs mode) with one character , rather that , the rules are the same as the any%. You’re not obliged to do it for each board. (RTA)

Trick attack leaderboard :
Air-make%/half-pipe%/Races% = get the best score , you can only trick when your’re up after a slope. (score).

Training mode :
Training% = did all tricks , the combo touch skip is forbidden. (RTA)
Others categories :
100% = finished all the game categories (time/full/trick/training mode) , unlock all characters and all board , the change of players is only allowed to unlock Goldman/penguin board. (RTA)
Low% :Finished the game doing all of categories (time/full/trick/training mode) w/ the worst playable characters and the worst board. (RTA)
800% = finished all the game w/ all characters in all categories. (RTA).
1700% =finished all the game w/all character /all boards in all categories. (RTA)
5000% = finished all the game w/all characters selecting for each one all board of the game in all categories. (RTA).
blindfolded%(any%/100%)= you can do any categories withtout see something. (RTA)
shortcutless% = using the following route on the map , you can't use any tightless path to gain time , at least , following the same EAD route as you can see on novice mode , there is the path you can't use:
CL= shortcut house
CP = nothing.
GF = the little snowpath on the beginning and the bridge trees in the middle.
MV= the left cave road/ house tight path in the middle and in the end
DC = left road on the beginning and the mountain skip
DF = the first/two shortcut in the middle end of the races. (IGT)
Damageless% (for MR/any and 100%)= started a run w/o taking any damage. (IGT/RTA).
Speedless% (MR/any/100%)= do a run w/o press Z in races (IGT/RTA)
MRRO%= any % but started in expert mode to finish in novice mode. (RTA)
crash%= getting game over in the fastest way (RTA)
Co-op%= finish the game in any% w/ two players for one controllers , one of them use buttons and the others use joystick. (RTA)
Jumpless%= finish the game w/o using jump (IGT)
Buttonless%= finish the game w/o using buttons. (IGT)
match raceless= doing training , trick attack (4 first race only) and contest. (RTA).
all match races = doing easy/hard/expert mode (IGT).
some miscellaneous category:
gold boarder RTA = unlocking as fast as possible the gold boarder (RTA).
Panda RTA= unlock panda as fast as possible (RTA).
iceman RTA= unlock iceman as fast as possible (RTA).
OneHand= finish the game w/ the left hand using stick and Z (the A button is allowed). (IGT)
Low% damageless (any/100%) = finish the game w/o Taking one damage and w/ the worst character/board possible (RTA).
contest%= best score possible (score).
So , that’s all for CE in 1080 snowboarding categories , hope you enjoy it and give me advice about it.
Trick%= doing all trick modes on the game (training/trick attack (5 races only) and contest (1st place only)) starting by a NG or NG+ (2 categories).(RTA/score)
Time%= doing all times modes categories (match races and time attack). (2 categories : NG and NG+). (RTA or IGT)
Animals%= get penguin board and the panda as fast as possible (RTA).

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Pretty sure all match races% was run for a GDQ in 2010 or 2011. I have a spot for it and any% in my personal times chart, but haven't run them yet.
I think that % like akari, kensuke, Dion, etc. Would be fun.

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