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Hey all,

Following the recent Dragon Cave bounty won by Bert86 for his world record time improvement (beating his own world record of 1'23"58 by 16 hundredths of a second), I am opening a new bounty jackpot of $500 USD for any new world records set up to the end of this calendar year 2019.

Dragon Cave Bounty Thread: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​1080snowboarding/​thread/​kjq2v

The rules:
1. You can use any board and rider;

2. You can play on Nintendo 64, WII Virtual Console or WII U Virtual Console. WII U runs must be recorded live (no replay) due to the game’s ability to save restore points mid-course.

3. You may not use emulators, Gameshark-type cheats or Everdrive cartridges;

4. Any controller type is allowed. This includes the use of third party controllers;

5. There's no restriction regarding PAL and NTSC versions. All regions are combined so the best global world record(s) will win the bounty;

6. Submissions must go through this site and be verified by a moderator, which means including video proof of your new world record;

7. The end of the calendar year means 11:59:59pm GMT. So long as your new world record is submitted by then, it will be eligible dependent on meeting all other requirements;

8. If only one track has a new world record at the end of the year, the winner will win the whole prize pool. If two players each have a world record, those players will win half each or $250 of the bounty. If six players each hold a new track record, each player will receive 1/6 of the bounty, etc;

9. If a player has two or more records, I will add $50 for each world record. E.g. if a player holds two records, he will win his share of the bounty PLUS an additional bonus $50 each per course. Total possible bounty in this instance is $800 (I.e. $500 + (6 * $50)). Note: single world records will not be eligible for the $50 course bonus;

10. Bert86, the current world record holder on all six courses and all round good Scottish lad has recused himself from the competition. He may still set new world records, and if so, he will not win any of the prizes, however, other players will be required to beat any new world records in order to be eligible for a share of the bounty;

11. If Player A breaks a world record on a course and then Player B then breaks that new world record and holds it by the end of the year, only Player B will win his/her share of the bounty pot;

12. You may set your new world records in either Time Attack or Match Race, so long as your full run is recorded and submitted;

13. I reserve the right to exclude anyone from this competition for bad behaviour. Anything disrespectful or destructive could result in a bounty ban.

Where to start:
> Read the guide on this site;
> Join the discord to share your experiences;
> Watch the world record times on YouTube by clicking on the world record times on this site;
> Have fun! This is all about creating a positive, competitive community and the enjoyment that comes from self improvement in speed-running.

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At of Tuesday 1 October 2019, the leading runs for the bounty are:

- Deadly Fall Out-of-Bounds (new category): Mackz5 in 1’06”03 - $166.66
- Mountain Village: Bert86 in 1’28”30 - $166.66
- Crystal Lake: Bert86 and Mattador tied in 1’02”30 - $83.33 each
- Bert86 combo bonus - 2x $50


I suggested Bert86 un-recuse himself from the bounty (that is to make himself eligible again) since so many records had fallen recently and he agreed and has a charity in mind if he wins.

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At of Monday 7 October 2019, the leading runs for the bounty are:

- Deadly Fall Out-of-Bounds: mackz5 in 1’06”03 - $250
- Crystal Lake: Bert86 and Mattador tied in 1’02”30 - $125 each

Bert lost his Mountain Village WR, hence the changes.


As of Thursday 10 October 2019, the leading runs for the bounty are:

- Deadly Fall Out-of-Bounds: Charliezard in 1’05”96- $250
- Crystal Lake: Bert86 and Mattador tied in 1’02”30 - $125 each

Charliezard took the Deadly Fall Out of Bounds WR, hence the change.

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