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I did 2 another video about my CL and CP replay , with the timer showed on the score board , did it for a better quality , i hope you will enjoy it 😃 (the link to the channels still on the description 😃 ).

Strawpoll for the next race : https:/​/​www.​strawpoll.​me/​18449246

(PS : next stream in saturday night 😃 taking some rest today )

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Quick update #10: bad stream today , supress the vod because the replay is useless , anyway i maybe found one big thing about time attack , stay tuned for more infos 😃 .


I saw the level leaderboard has included 3 other boards? I will do a HTAS on air make time attack , half-pipe and contest too 😉 .


ok , there is my schedule races :
Mountain village for 1:27:84 (MAX) (last try).
Dragon cave for 1:22:9x (MAX) (last try).
Golden forest for 1:17:5x (MAX) (last try).
Crystal Peak for 1:25:99 (MAX) (last try).
Crystal Lake for 1:02:27 (MAX) (last try).
Deadly fall for 1:06:75 (MAX) (last try).

Trick attack : Half pipe for infinite points (1 try).
Mountain village for infinite points (1 try).
Deadly fall for infinite points (1 try).
Crystal peak for infinite points (1 try).
Crystal lake for infinite points (1 try).
Dragon cave for infinte points (1 try).
Golden forest for infinite points (1 try).
Air make for infinite points (many tries).

after that i will quit HTAS.

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Anything that breaks through the next minute barrier, such as CP 1’25”99, is/would be exciting.

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yeah , i see right now the target to kill 1080 , so i will pursue further 😃 .


My schedule this week :
Sunday night : 3/4h =misc category (for chillin)+ hundo for marathon submission.
Monday : hundo/DF old route HTAS (afternoon) + MV HTAS beginning-cave.
Tuesday: misc+hundo AM.
Wendesday : trick TAS Mountain village debug menu glitch.+MV HTAS: cave-end.
Thursday: misc+hundo AM.
Saturday: DC HTAS :beginning-bridge.
Sunday: misc+DC HTAS : bridge-end.
Monday : GF HTAS beginning-zigzag.

If you have any question or request, send it here or in my chat (discord PM is open too! ) 😃 .

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What is debug menu glitch?
Also, I added the boards for Air Make, Half Pipe, and Contest. They're supposed to be trick only. Maybe we should move the Trick boards under Full Game?

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fox i will explain it on your trick forum 😃


quick update #11 : i did a HTAS for the old deadly fall route , doing in 1:07:38 , could improve it later but its not the point today , i hope you will enjoy it 😃 .

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Sorry for today , was very exhausted but i will came back on afternoon for MV HTAS and some misc! 😃

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Lets give up the program anyway , i will improve a HTAS this night ! I let you the choice 😃 . My stream will start in 6/7h.

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Quick update #12: nice finding today on my stream , because this is an TAS thread , i will open up a new thread about the gold boarder himself (with obviously the pinguin board) , with all the things to know about him , its will be like a tutorial but with all the optimization i will find on the 6 races.

For each race , i will add up some tips and hints i found when i practice to HTAS. Explaining too by some pictures and paragraph how to do it and why it will be faster (and finally , how many frame could be saved and the possible EST on the race with the strategy founded) 😃 . This Thread will be open tomorrow.

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I will post here some bonus HTAS i will do , notably when i have some time to lost or by request (if you want)! 😃

Bonus#1 : Deadly fall OLD route in 1:07:32.

Bonus#2 : Deadly fall with dion Blaster in 1:06:99.

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sonata just breaking barriers with these HTAS's

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