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What about what i said few hours ago?


Ok , i will stop here and pass on WR64 , good luck.


Thanks for all your hard work sonata. And thanks rusty for the gf one too

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No need to thanks , hoping my ones will continue to help for a bit of time and the players increase their pbs too! 😃 i will come back at some point with a true TAS and the discoveries i did with the other discord!

(PS: no need to worry about the videos , they will stay until someone show a video of a better time)


Golden Forest - 1’17”28 where the ghost desyncs after the zigzags. I was even with the 35 at this point so saved 2 frames in the second half.

This will probably be my last TAS of GF. I think it could go down to 1’17”21 with perfect lines and current strats but it would takes ages to TAS it.

This TAS uses the line between the trees near the end for a frame save, posted by Mattador and perhaps previously done by Bert in an old run.