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Thread: "Profile" Missing texture Trophies

Started by: MynameisjustyahooMynameisjustyahoo

@Thomas1234Thomas1234 for questions like that, check this forum post: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mkw/​thread/​s2755

Since your time is 2 minutes faster than the cutoff, you will need video proof.
Next time you might want to make a new thread btw.

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Thread: web

Started by: afnannen136afnannen136

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I'm not aware of any websites that host the latest version. You can purchase it on steam however for literally a single euro so there should be no reason why you can't just get the steam edition.

Edit: The mobile version is also free


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Thread: Skips?

Started by: foxgaming98foxgaming98

If the rules don't say you can't then you can.

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Thread: Need a full mod to delete a few leaderboards

Started by: 11

Long story short, the celeste classic community decided to scrap all the leaderboards for individual celeste classic mods and put them all onto one leaderboard ( however this has left a bunch of leaderboards that are no longer going to be used and we need a full mod to delete them

These leaderboards are:

I dunno if this is the place to ask but nobodies discord dms are open so i guess itll do


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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

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Alright. So basically us at the CELESTE Classic speedrunning community realized that we have different leaderboards for multiple different mods of the game as the virtual console its programmed on is extremely useful for modding, however these individual mods get little to no activity and quite frankly all the leaderboards are taking up too much space so we came to a decision to have every mod put under a single leaderboard ( however for whatever reason I am not able to assign other mods as the site claims they do not have email authentication despite the fact that they do and so I'd like to request moderation (super mod) for

Also if you guys are able to and have the time feel free to delete the pages for the following mods as their runs have been moved over to the new leaderboards:

Thanks in advance.


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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

After discussion with other members of the CELESTE Classic speedrunning community its been decided to scrap the leaderboards for the various mods we create in favor of a single leaderboard featuring all the mods as they dont get much competition. Due to this I'd like to request that https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​celestep8mods/​ be changed from a Fangame to a Mod as the original leaderboard (for a CELESTE Mod) was given the incorrect tag.


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Thread: Invictus mode

Started by: soupGsoupG

The new CPU is still incredible easy to beat if you know how to TSD/TST


Forum: Tetris 99

Thread: New categories ideas

Started by: andryiannaandryianna

I mean sure, but called it T-Spin Double instead of Double T-Spin etc.


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Thread: Can we go back?

Started by: RingoTheFlyRingoTheFly

What the fuck happened here jesus christ


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Thread: I am retiring from being a moderator

Started by: 11

I have lost all interest in this.

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Thread: Today's the day

Started by: 11

Today Tetris Friends is shutting down. For 2 years this site has been the place where I've gone to, to play tetris with my friends. You will be missed


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Thread: Timer for Mac

Started by: JamIsNotJellyJamIsNotJelly

In response to @16bitPanda , as long as you know what a stream key is there really isnt anything painful about streaming/recording from a mac

Also Llanfair is a great timer


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Thread: Course order and non-play time

Started by: charlocharliecharlocharlie

not to mention skips runs already start on coconut mall instead of mario circuit iirc. As for it being unfair to legacy runs, thats inevitable when switching timing systems and if those people really cared about it they would start doing runs again.

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Thread: Course order and non-play time

Started by: charlocharliecharlocharlie

I believe that pausing should be allowed as I have had many runs where family members come in because of something important or I simply had to quickly do something else. I do believe that it should be regulated similarly to how the Celeste rules say that breaks for extended periods of time are banned. I also believe that playing tracks out of order should be legal not only because it lets you do harder tracks first but adds a tiny bit of strategy as in perhaps I want to bag on track x and not track y but track y is earlier in the cup I could start on track x as starting in the back makes bagging a bit easier plus i save time on track y by starting closer to the finish line

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Thread: Version differences?

Started by: Shadow907Shadow907

doesnt WiiU save loading time over Wii?


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Thread: ZZMT

Started by: [Deleted user]

dead thread but why would you zigzag after a miniturbo?


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Thread: Category Request/ Suggestions Thread

Started by: FrancescoFrancesco

The 12 races then 4 thing is dumb imo but I’m down for 200cc agressive item rain

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Thread: How to time demos?

Started by: MonkeyBuddyMonkeyBuddy

dead thread but can I time demos on mac? Cause the Demo Timer is a .exe

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