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Thread: The Games & Users Update - Feedback & Bugs thread

Started by: MetaMeta

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Originally posted by Solderq35
It's very clear why the site uses so little horizontal space, and it's deliberate.

No. Even before ELO when the ads were only for logged out users and not nearly as intrusive the site still did a piss poor job at using all the screen space. ELO simply repurposed it to violate its users.

Also could we please get a way to disable others being able to see statistics about us such as what games we follow and how often we visit each leaderboard? There is no reason why that needs to be public information.

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Thread: Branch RNG

Started by: m0istn00dlm0istn00dl

I think its 50/50. Also if you wanna TAS try to find a pirated copy of an older version. In older versions you can get more than 1 point per branch if you're fast enough.


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Thread: I love yall

Started by: Unban_norris

Originally posted by Steph_B
it would be great if the mods did something about these fucking forums which don't have a purpose, and just fill up my notifs for no reason at all

Like what? Mods literally cannot do anything. Deleting a thread will still notify you. If you are annoyed by being notified for each individual post you can go to your follow settings and disable the "New forum post in followed game" setting, this will still notify you about new threads 🙂

Forums are like discord, or skype, or IRC. They are a place for people to talk, and people should be able to talk about whatever they want, especially on the internet.

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Thread: Cheating and Cheaters

Started by: GarshGarsh

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Originally posted by ShikenNuggets
Vilifying people on the internet doesn't really accomplish anything

I thought it was pretty clear that nothing about this is with the intent of vilifying or punishing anyone. The point of this is so that we can try to have a place where moderators can see why other users are banned. This is unfortunately one of the only real ways to do it with the current situation.

Edit: That was forum post #1337

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Thread: Cheating and Cheaters

Started by: GarshGarsh

Originally posted by diggity
public shaming?

bro. relax.

If you don't want to be publically shamed, don't fucking cheat lol. I think this is great. If a top runner of one of my games randomly gets permabanned I do not want to need to spend the next year of my life arguing with site admins to find out why he was banned only to get literally nowhere.

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Thread: Can I be verifier in here?

Started by: funadofunado

I have the queue under control. I am a little slow at the moment because of my exams which end tomorrow, but I'll be able to quickly verify most of the runs after that.

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Thread: This must be that anti-ad block tech I've heard about fighting back

Started by: KomradeKomrade

Gotta love the broken Bavarian and Ohio flags


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Thread: How to ruin forum posts (Sorry)

Started by: Yummy_Bacon5Yummy_Bacon5

The forums have been neglected for years, and there is much more communication that happens over the forums compared to site DMs (which barely get used). I think a forum upgrade should very much be a top priority.

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Thread: Reprimanded then ghosted by site moderators.

Started by: TVGBadgerTVGBadger

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Originally posted by XeroGoFast
I'm bothered by the sleight of hand in referring to a verifier as a moderator. It seems like Starsmiley is saying that site staff consider verifiers to be authorities on polling and changing rules in the same way that an actual moderator might be, which is absurd to me. I've never added a verifier under those expectations. Verifiers can only edit and verify runs, they specifically do not moderate the game.

I completely understand what you mean, but do know that it is completely normal in a lot of communities for verifiers do have as much of a say. In fact I've never been part of a community where verifiers dont have as much of a say. From my experience most verifiers only have the role because they are new to the job and its too much to immediately give them the power to change rules and mess with categories and such.

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Thread: Reprimanded then ghosted by site moderators.

Started by: TVGBadgerTVGBadger

If you think this is bad, wait until you want to find out why a top runner of a game you moderate just got permabanned

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Thread: timeline

Started by: Act7Act7

No, no it didn't.

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Thread: Promoted Game on Games page

Started by: diggitydiggity

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Originally posted by KunoDemetries
Secondly, there are no resources for other devs to achieve the same goal Severed Steel has reached. Who wouldn’t want the devs of games to want their game promoted on a speedrunning site where there is plenty of people to sell copies to? Speedrunning started as a market tactic and many new developers are using this tactic to sell copies(if you don’t know speedrunning has a wiki that explains this and how it was originally a marketing ploy.) Why is SS special compared to other indie developers?

I don't think anyone here has any genuine problems with SS or it's developers, the problem is that ELO kept talking about how we are the #BestCommunity and how #CommunityMatters but show time and time again that they don't really give a shit. Having a new promoted games feature is just another example of ELO being more concerned with milking the site for money as opposed to actually listening to us and doing what we want.

Originally posted by KunoDemetries
who really even goes look at the game tab on SR.C

Lots of people do this when looking for a new game to run. It's by default sorted by active player count, and generally high player count = good speedgame (if not why would people be playing it? besides youtube influence that is)

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Thread: More social media

Started by: TuttereyTutterey

Originally posted by TRLittleToaster
The point of social media is to allow for users to find off-site contact. ROBLOX has a very scuffed messaging system and Minecraft doesn't have one at all

So why can I link my megaman leaderboards and zeldaspeedruns profiles?

Also can we get a social media box for Mario Kart Players' Page profiles?

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