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Has it ever been suggested for a feature to change the name colour in the same way you can change the theme colour etc. ?


I enjoy the games from the Trials series. Only takes around an hour if you're moderately good with physics based games.


Yeah, it's the most iconic track in the game for being difficult. I think it could make for a cool category.


I think that it could make for a fresh category for the game, and it's not too hard of a category either compared to the others, any thoughts?


I've seen places like "Earth" & "Valhalla", how do people get that?

(I'm posting this thread again because I think it got deleted when the forums broke a bit ago, thanks)


I need Gravity Falls: Take Back The Falls to be changed from 'mobile' to 'webgame' if possible 🙂


Welcome to the speedrunning page for the webgame Gravity Falls: Take Back The Falls!

There is a few things I would like to talk about:



1 - Moderators

If anyone wants to me a mod, shoot me a message on discord!


2 - Verification of runs

I'm on holiday at the moment in a foreign country, the game got confirmed while I was away, which was a pleasant surprise. Verifications of runs might be a bit slow until I get back home.


3 - Offline Play (???)

I've downloaded flash games before, but I can't seem to do the same with this one. If anyone has any knowledge about that and wants to help me with that, shoot me a message on Discord too! (arthro#2571)

That's all for now, have fun!


I've got a weird request and I have no idea if this is difficult or not.
I have an old account that has never been used which is around a year older than my current one. Is it possible that my accounts can be 'merged'? Basically I'm asking if the age of my current account can be changed to my first one.
I get that this is bloody stupid, but if you don't ask you don't get. 😃


I have the game for the PS2 and I intend on trying to run it, could it be added please?


Can I have the capitalisation on my name changed to 'RvBAidan'?

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!


I'm currently practicing a run on NG Any% but I don't know when to start the timer. Should it be when I press A to start up the first tutorial or should it be when I can first move in the tutorial? I also just want to make sure that I finish by getting the Trials Trophy. I don't need to do Inferno III, similar to how I have to do the Greater Crater on Trials Fusion, right?