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As you can see, 007: Nightfire on PC has its own leaderboard now. It used to be a miscellaneous category on the console leaderboard, but we agreed that it was worth being a separate game on speedrun.com. Hopefully this change will help grow the PC Nightfire community.

At the moment, I am the only moderator. But If this game gets a community of multiple runners, I can add more moderators as needed. The same is true for additional categories, if they're worth having.

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Can we add a level leader board

DM Me on twitter for level names

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I'm considering trying this game out. Just wondering if there's any known glitches or skips... or any kind of tutorials to get started?


You pretty much just have to watch the WR and see how he does everything, try it out yourself etc. cuz there's no guide atm

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What are scripts for this game? It's Goldsrc so I'm assuming it's related to that stuff. Guess a level category hasn't been made yet. That'd be interesting.

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@callmeliam__ knows a bit more about scripts than I do, but I added the subcategory because the half-life leaderboard also has it. Although this game technically runs on the GoldSrc engine, it's been so heavily modified that it has barely any half-life in it. One of the developers said in an interview that there's about as much half-life in Nightfire as there was Quake in half-life. But thankfully this game still has some cool bhop stuff you can do.

I don't exactly know the answer to your question, unfortunately. But I've seen Liam play around with scripts on his stream before and I know there's one script that makes aiming with the sniper rifle really fast. I don't think half-life scripts will work for this game so Liam is pretty much starting from square one with the scripted category. Hopefully he'll make some cool scripts though and get a good run on the leaderboard one day.


A lot of scripts in this game aren't very helpful to be honest, i've tried messing around, but a lot of scripts that work in half life don't work in this game for some reason, only one i could get working was a fast fire weapon switch one for a few weapons, also i got an autohotkey script for bhopping which is okay


Any update on adding a level Leaderboard?

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where can i find a v1.0 download for the game?


I haven't been able to find it but I think the nightfirepc.com version works just fine


here's the 1.0 version download if anyone is still looking for it

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