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Does anyone know if the running speed in the PS2 version is faster than the Gamecube's? I was going for 13 seconds on Ambushed but it seems legitimately impossible. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Cannot confirm this 100%, but generally with the other Bond games, PS2 usually had the slowest loading times out of the bunch. It could also even be movement speed. Fitter put out a video a few months ago about the differences on Xbox vs. GameCube.


I'm actually getting a PS2 sometime next week, so maybe I could do my own tests to see if maybe movement on the PS2 is slower/faster than the GameCube.

Just speaking from past experiences alone though, you should be able to get the same times on GameCube. I remember trying to grind Ambushed, but the best I could ever do was 14 seconds on my Wii.


I did 2 tests and movement was about the same between Xbox and PS2, and from that video in the main thread (which I'll post in as well) it would mean that it's about the same w GC IMQHO.


I plan to do additional testing with all the bond games on PS2, once I buy them. I'm interested to see what's different. I'll make another comparison video once i have this game on PS2,

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