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Thread: Category exclusive to reset runs?

Started by: RatherRather

To me it seems like it unnecessarily blows up the amount of IL categories, but we can at least try and see for now if the reset runs get attention.


Forum: SpeedRunners

Thread: 1 Lap (No skips) and RWS time trials.

Started by: derpderp

Maybe they should both be labeled, ie. "skips" and "no skips"?

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Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: New game moderators

Started by: -7-7

Given my complete inactivity in the game's speedrunning scene combined with currently being the sole person who can verify runs and edit categories/rules/etc (thelegendarymudkip hasn't been able to log in for months), I figure I should open this thread for anyone who is willing to become a Cookie Clicker moderator.

You should hopefully pass these requirements:
- have run the game at least semi-recently
- be ready to regularly verify newly submitted runs and help maintain the game's SRC page if needed
- have some prior experience moderating on (not actually necessary but a definite plus)
- abide by the moderation rules (link)


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: slower frame gives faster in-game time

Started by: zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony

Looks like a case of the timer not updating visually.


Forum: Excitebike (NES)

Thread: Speed display ROM hack

Started by: -7-7

Utility hack for watching horizontal speed during gameplay, if anyone finds it useful.

Download patch:
How to apply xdelta patch (either through command line or GUI):

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Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: All Versions Allowed?

Started by: CaillouCCaillouC

It's true, the rules and decisions are not very concise. Not only am I not particularly invested in moderating this game, but also the nature of it makes it a non-trivial task.


Forum: Pixel Rooms 1

Thread: Tricks for slot machine room

Started by: LeRemiiiLeRemiii

At the start of the room, the 4th slot machine cycle is a triple 7. In runs I would always try to catch this cycle by waiting for the right moment (had the timing pretty much internalized), then mashing. Your first hit can even be one cycle earlier, since that cycle has a 7 in the leftmost column. As a backup, if you don't hit the right row, but get a perfect mash (such that you didn't desync the columns), you can try for that triple 7 row again. I never had any strategies besides this and winging it, although if you're aiming for WR, you'll probably reset after missing once, anyway.


Forum: Pixel Rooms 1

Thread: Beware of Ghost's runs

Started by: PizzaThePlayerPizzaThePlayer

Since Ghost has been banned from the website for cheating, I've removed the run from the boards.


Forum: SpeedRunners

Thread: Discord

Started by: SerpykologiclSerpykologicl

Locked duplicate thread.


Forum: SpeedRunners

Thread: Auto-spliter

Started by: LagadouLagadou

It hasn't been updated, the autosplitter requires a new version for every game version which is a lot of effort.

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Forum: 140

Thread: Switch to times w/o load

Started by: ZetZet

omg yea pls

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Forum: 140

Thread: Future Leaderboard Modifications and Changes

Started by: GameguySDGameguySD

I find it rather awkward to have to be running one version for some categories, and a different, now outdated version for others. I'm all for any solution that involves not mixing the two versions in the same leaderboard.


Forum: Pixel Rooms 1

Thread: Beware of Ghost's runs

Started by: PizzaThePlayerPizzaThePlayer

Thanks for the report! It is rather tricky to verify things in these games, unfortunately, since recording is not so simple.


Forum: Super Meat Boy

Thread: How to get started playing this game

Started by: vorpalvorpal

bit too late for that scarlet


Forum: Cat Planet

Thread: Custom Cat Planet build for speedrunning

Started by: cros107cros107

Watching this run it seems that the in-game timer doesn't line up with the YouTube timer - unless that's just an encoding issue.


Forum: Super Meat Boy

Thread: Pause button on keyboard

Started by: SoBadSoBad

Unfortunately, we don't really have a way to do that. People use AutoHotkey for that purpose.


Forum: Pixel Rooms 1

Thread: More games like this?

Started by: kobepilgrimkobepilgrim

There's the Mikey series, along with quite a few other (mediocre) games with (individual level) in-game timers.