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  Which controller on Emulator?Akkusativ
  Sub-1 route?a_xxEzraBxxx_b
  No level leaderboard?austin101123
  Small tweak suggestionsJumpyluff
  96 Exits ORB(NOT Troll)Akisto
  Game Over during a run?VeeOfEarth
  Powerup locations?delcamex
  Questions/Philosophy about the use of a certain glitch in 96 Exit...VeeOfEarth
  Backup of Old Leaderboards?Star
  help neededdr.squid
  Lunar DragonLoverBoyOfMLG
  Anonymous' low% small mario WR should not be on the boardsPeterAfro
  11 Exit Sub CategoriesMchan338
  How to access the 96th exit no cape?ArtismExpert
  Why no No Cape All Castles?DoubleADewi
  Emulators Allowededdez02
  run submission rulesroccos07
  Why aren't translated romhacks allowed to make speedrunning?BeffenM
  11 exit code injectionyadobaron
  a little questionFrostyZako
  Run TypesLappySheep
  Is there an any% category?ChaoPlaymate
  submission question for adminsnebjamin17
  An Alternate Strategy I made for 1-3 for newer playerSniperninja564
  Can someone make a tutorial for Code Injection TASesKingHeavy
  Banning a Time SaveOrangeDragonLV14
  Where Did The IL Category Go?NerfmasterYT
  11 exit tutorial (Glichless)ZS45
  What Is Low%NerfmasterYT
  More categories?ArtismExpert
  0-Exit Shell Turnaround&Shell kickrickysR
  Question about invidual levelsAmy
  Technical questionsUrSexMate
  How to calculate Level Timer?Julian
  No Any% Glitchless Category?akaitsuki99
  No any% category on the leaderboards?mirrorworthy
  Locked: Sorry. (And actual question)Frikkinfriks14
  Locked: help (VERY SERIOUS)Frikkinfriks14
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