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  Sticky: Updated Practice Codes  Page: 1 2psychonauter
  skip noki 3 mankinikola
  Japanese vs. English - what glitches work on each version?SwordlessLink
  Original CD on Japanese?YorunattoZ
  A Scrub That Would Like Some GuidenceTheSillyMoose
  Manta Storm, The Manta went OoB?!?Ag0423
  ShadowMario27's 120 Shine WRVideoGameMaster22
  in-game time for IL runsHearn
  Do I need a Video Proof?Akkusativ
  Scrub QuestionDezedit
  New Category SuggestionSnowyParker
  I discovered a glitch on how to get to kug under pinna park without hacks...SnowyParker
  Practice CodesSilentbombzz
  Pause after grabbing a shineFrog_Ribbit
  Where to buy NTSC-J Version of SMSTheAlmightyLucario03
  Delfino Gold Bird GWKDeathline
  Japanese Rom Files?samoththemamoth
  120 shines route for begginnersJuegAriel
  20 Shines Hoverless Route Optimization (No Pianta Village)samgodro43
  Secret Shine ILsRmac524
  a glitch i found a while agoTheShiningEagle
  New IL Category?mdmason85
  I want to get into speedrunningCEEOLM
  Is it too late to start trying to speedrun?LazerLemon
  Bingo Match? (For Fun)legomariofanatic
  ヤマた is best speedrunnerMsdalr1
  Sirena 5 EarlyLaxxius
  Corona Early?GohgoDude
  File Block ClipOdme
  "Corona Early" theoryHallie
  Playing PAL SMS in American Wii through NintendontFaila
  Rules on emulators?jetlife
  Hoverless Honey Skipcashew
  Corona Loading Zonesnakemaster777
  Corona gateForsakenCreator
  any% tournamentDeathline
  New Catagory? :)mwolfe11
  Does anyone have a link to the Japanese docs leaderboard?Laxxius
  Practice Codes on Emulator [Small Guide]Junji123
  When was yoshi skip found and who discovered it?Danieru_Itachi
  Is there a route for 69 shine anywhere? Wanna learn blue coins without needing to do a 3hr runzigofzag
  Major skipsJJplaysgames
  sirena 1 backhovermugg1991
  Maybe found a useful glitch?Cursetyl
  Practice CodesMattyPatty10
  What are the rules for submitting a 20 shine run on emulator or usb?CowlScatman
  Nintendont Loading Timessnakemaster777
  Level LeaderboardsDeathJohnson
  Super Mario Sunshine: Chaos Edition romhackTheRomaniac
  blue coin guideJuegAriel
  rocket nozzle trickmugg1991
  New here! Dont know if i'm doing this right!R3dF0x88
  Bingo for New Misc. Category?Rivdog02
  New idea for speedrunTheShiningEagle
  120 shine mapJuegAriel
  Discord Group?LazerLemon
  Obsolete Emulator RunsUselessMerchant
  Category RequestJumpyluff
  USB Loading?Weegee14
  Pianta 4/5 Skip?Cinimod
  Sirena Clip?FellowshipOfTheBing
  Changing Category Names  Page: 1 2Super modMilk
  Practise Codes[user deleted]
  Missing files for Practice Codes!GohgoDude
  BounceyBoy's 1:16:49 into 56 segmentsHabbe
  Congrats Bouncey on 1:16!EeveeSRL
  Challenge Categories!speedrunner123
  What setup do you guys do for Niko Spring Skip?Brandonp333
  Possible new 20 shines strat?cashew
  I think there’s something wrong?BenDplays
  Corona Clip?MattyPatty10
  Category ChangeJumpyluff
  Delfino Plaza ILKkove
  Simple 120 Shine route?Jumpyluff
  Questions about Practice CodesILOVETAEYEON
  Best Version?Cinimod
  new ILmugg1991
  Petey SkipMinerDoodles
  IL Timing and RanksStarrlightSims
  Locked: 50-Shines?TheBronyGames
  Locked: Strawpollspeedrunner123
  Locked: Gate Skip?!?!BenDplays
  Locked: AYE  Page: 1 2kwaniza
  Locked: 69 shines  Page: 1 2 3Odme
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