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  Sticky: Rule Changes  Page: 1 2Modroopert83
  Sticky: Peercast Summer Tournament (2017-8-5 20:00 JST)Super modi_o_l
  Can anybody help me with 8-4?aloof02
  SMAS version?Omar
  Level Leaderboard???Marthur
  Handheld Version of marihour.BlahDehBlah
  SMB Practice ROM  Page: 1 2pellssonx
  8-2 + 8-3eddiecatgaming
  Need help with a run that I recordedatari2.0
  TAS ? What's that ?NoobSpeedrun
  Anyone want me to time a run?sullyrox
  Trying to find new ways to make flagpole glitch RTA viable.Modmav6771
  Please verifyOmar
  Why is there not an emulator category???Mewshmallow
  TAS SMB1 SNES beat TAS SMB1 NES by 0.8 seconds!zdoroviy_antony
  Sockfolder's FPG on different emulators.zdoroviy_antony
  Really Fast and Easy 4-2 Wrong WarpStickeredNolmy
  FCEUX lua script for auto-splits, automatically starting timer, xpos on 4-2Hubcapp
  iOS or andriod emulator runsriley524
  Best SMAS Version?lakitu64
  bbg on all stars6regory
  First BBG on 3DS!CaptainCamerupt
  New glitch?Hpizswagg420
  Hammer bro patterns6regory
  Plugin help6regory
  SMB LiveSplit Plugin help?LeeTheNPC
  Different Koopa?6regory
  any% raceHpizswagg420
  FCEUX Lua help?LeeTheNPC
  Just a Thought  Page: 1 2eddiecatgaming
  Any% Elimination Race 2017-4-8 (21:00 JST)Super modi_o_l
  Glitch in 8-2newpete
  Help me?6regory
  I need some help with some Twitch stuffTreecko120
  List of human theory optimizations over the current WRhabs
  Will a corner clip at the end of 1-2 save time?ILoveSMB
  How is this Possible Floor Bricks Smashed by Bot ?haseeb_heaven
  Would this save time on 8-2?Munchlax782
  Livesplit CounterJeremyMKW
  Are flashcarts allowed?Jack879
  Inaccurate Emulatorsullyrox
  Can someone send me the live counter lua script?sullyrox
  New Bug/Glitch discovered while stomping CheepCheephaseeb_heaven
  Another glitch on FDS -16regory
  New or Old glitch?6regory
  Is this new?Omar
  race tonightRoiPhilosophe
  Can Someone send me the video for Rodrigo Lopes' SMB run?sullyrox
  Recording SoftwareDANIEL_HOGG
  No Bump Method for WrongWarp of 4-2.haseeb_heaven
  Unknown Brown Object in Game ?haseeb_heaven
  First Sub 5 On NES Classicsullyrox
  Question about bullet bill glitchClassicJames
  I guess I'm a run timer now... I guess.eddiecatgaming
  WrongWarp Helper for 4-2 and 8-4 (FCEUX Lua Script)haseeb_heaven
  Grade my performanceSanjihimura
  LiveSplit plugin: FrameRuleSplitblairmadison11
  Livesplit plugin?ZippyMeister
  Glitches found in SMB1 SpeedRunhaseeb_heaven
  What's the best any% strategy?eddiecatgaming
  Frame RulesSanjihimura
  When To Start Splitsmickey_storm_runs
  Peercast Winter Tournament (2017-1-7 14:00 JST)Super modi_o_l
  Yo mods! I have a dumb idea for an SMB1 meme category!eddiecatgaming
  how to add a category?Johny_Mandarino
  Time saved by TAS over RTA (Darbian WR)haseeb_heaven
  Timer delaykruskader
  I added a frame counter to SMBt2k
  any% Question/Setup for 4-2 finishing at 255?Foulco
  your opinions on leaderboard rules for SMB1 and SMB2jSuper modi_o_l
  Very easy wrong warp 4-2The_lone_pie
  Hammer Bros patterns guideJWILD
  Applications of down+rightSuper modi_o_l
  8-3 Flagpole Glitch Setup/Knowledge BaseSuper modKosmicd12
  Autosplit in PC super mario brosradeox
  Question about BBGProf_Frankly
  wrong warp helpDarQ_Massacres
  Can you use the continue cheat in runs?Cyberdemon531
  Tips for Beginners?mattheweston
  How to Defeat the "Judges" in 8-1Muhahahahaz
  misc. categoriesSuper modi_o_l
  Time lost from not doing wr stratsGameGlitchGuy
  cartridge minus world ending?conmangamer22
  hard Bowser patternsSuper modi_o_l
  (easier?) Bullet Bill glitch methodJWILD
  Blah, tl;dr and something capture card.DFH
  Where/when is frame rule applied?JWILD
  I thought about cleaning up the leaderboard a little bit, wanted some input.Super modnickj109
  Full Screen MarioMarioManTAW
  Second Questthe2thomasklu8
  Individual Levels?Super modi_o_l
  Original ROM?Alex76FR
  Locked: Darbian is an AlienBluemlittlem
  Locked: sullyroxeddiecatgaming
  Locked: EddieCatGaming Does Sub4Sub?!?!? xDsullyrox
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