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  FCEUX lua script for auto-splits, automatically starting timer, xpos on 4-2Hubcapp
  iOS or andriod emulator runsriley524
  Please verifyOmar
  Best SMAS Version?lakitu64
  bbg on all stars6regory
  First BBG on 3DS!CaptainCamerupt
  Anyone want me to time a run?sullyrox
  New glitch?Hpizswagg420
  Hammer bro patterns6regory
  Plugin help6regory
  SMB LiveSplit Plugin help?LeeTheNPC
  Different Koopa?6regory
  any% raceHpizswagg420
  FCEUX Lua help?LeeTheNPC
  Just a Thought  Page: 1 2 3eddiecatgaming
  Any% Elimination Race 2017-4-8 (21:00 JST)Super modi_o_l
  Glitch in 8-2newpete
  Help me?6regory
  I need some help with some Twitch stuffTreecko120
  List of human theory optimizations over the current WRhabs
  Will a corner clip at the end of 1-2 save time?ILoveSMB
  How is this Possible Floor Bricks Smashed by Bot ?haseeb_heaven
  Would this save time on 8-2?Munchlax782
  Livesplit CounterJeremyMKW
  Are flashcarts allowed?Jack879
  Inaccurate Emulatorsullyrox
  Can someone send me the live counter lua script?sullyrox
  New Bug/Glitch discovered while stomping CheepCheephaseeb_heaven
  Another glitch on FDS -16regory
  New or Old glitch?6regory
  Is this new?Omar
  race tonightRoiPhilosophe
  Can Someone send me the video for Rodrigo Lopes' SMB run?sullyrox
  Recording SoftwareDANIEL_HOGG
  No Bump Method for WrongWarp of 4-2.haseeb_heaven
  Unknown Brown Object in Game ?haseeb_heaven
  First Sub 5 On NES Classicsullyrox
  Question about bullet bill glitchClassicJames
  I guess I'm a run timer now... I guess.eddiecatgaming
  WrongWarp Helper for 4-2 and 8-4 (FCEUX Lua Script)haseeb_heaven
  Grade my performanceSanjihimura
  LiveSplit plugin: FrameRuleSplitblairmadison11
  Trying to find new ways to make flagpole glitch RTA viable.Modmav6771
  Livesplit plugin?ZippyMeister
  Glitches found in SMB1 SpeedRunhaseeb_heaven
  What's the best any% strategy?eddiecatgaming
  Frame RulesSanjihimura
  When To Start Splitsmickey_storm_runs
  Peercast Winter Tournament (2017-1-7 14:00 JST)Super modi_o_l
  Yo mods! I have a dumb idea for an SMB1 meme category!eddiecatgaming
  how to add a category?Johny_Mandarino
  Time saved by TAS over RTA (Darbian WR)haseeb_heaven
  Timer delaykruskader
  I added a frame counter to SMBt2k
  any% Question/Setup for 4-2 finishing at 255?Foulco
  your opinions on leaderboard rules for SMB1 and SMB2jSuper modi_o_l
  Very easy wrong warp 4-2The_lone_pie
  Hammer Bros patterns guideJWILD
  Applications of down+rightSuper modi_o_l
  8-3 Flagpole Glitch Setup/Knowledge BaseSuper modKosmicd12
  Autosplit in PC super mario brosradeox
  Question about BBGProf_Frankly
  wrong warp helpDarQ_Massacres
  Can you use the continue cheat in runs?Cyberdemon531
  Tips for Beginners?mattheweston
  How to Defeat the "Judges" in 8-1Muhahahahaz
  misc. categoriesSuper modi_o_l
  Time lost from not doing wr stratsGameGlitchGuy
  cartridge minus world ending?conmangamer22
  hard Bowser patternsSuper modi_o_l
  (easier?) Bullet Bill glitch methodJWILD
  Blah, tl;dr and something capture card.DFH
  Where/when is frame rule applied?JWILD
  I thought about cleaning up the leaderboard a little bit, wanted some input.Super modnickj109
  Full Screen MarioMarioManTAW
  Second Questthe2thomasklu8
  Individual Levels?Super modi_o_l
  Original ROM?Alex76FR
  Locked: Darbian is an AlienBluemlittlem
  Locked: sullyroxeddiecatgaming
  Locked: EddieCatGaming Does Sub4Sub?!?!? xDsullyrox
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