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Atwiki Leaderboard
Japanese maintained leaderboard site - old. Has 30, 31 and 45 also. (external link)
Practice Room
Practice room where many mario players hang out and stream their game. If you have any questions about the game or need help learning something, this is the place you wanna go. Its usually very active with players of all skill ranges, so don't be afraid to stop by! Password: srl (external link)
RTA spreadsheet
Spreadsheet to keep track of and compare in-game times with active runners. Message an existing member of the spreadsheet if you wish to be added. (external link)
SM64 Discord
Central hub of all things SM64 speedrunning related (external link)
SM64 Practice Codes
List of all the gameshark codes commonly used for practice. (external link)
SM64 Resources (Google Doc)
List of useful SM64 speedrunning resources. (external link)
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