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Low Toad in 1h 45m 01s by XanderRobotnik - 2nd place
First run ever. Plenty of time to be saved.

Played on Nintendo 3DS [USA] on

Submitted by Super modXanderRobotnik on

Verified by Super modXanderRobotnik on

Name Duration Finished at
1-1 0m 55s 527ms 0m 55s
1-2 1m 05s 791ms 2m 01s
1-3 0m 51s 640ms 2m 52s
1-4 1m 25s 549ms 4m 18s
1-5 2m 46s 277ms 7m 04s
1-6 1m 59s 502ms 9m 04s
2-1 1m 18s 166ms 10m 22s
2-2 2m 13s 149ms 12m 35s
2-3 1m 19s 911ms 13m 55s
2-4 2m 01s 134ms 15m 56s
2-5 1m 12s 822ms 17m 09s
2-6 1m 48s 606ms 18m 58s
3-1 1m 38s 670ms 20m 36s
3-2 1m 33s 294ms 22m 10s
3-3 1m 31s 494ms 23m 41s
3-4 1m 32s 165ms 25m 13s
3-5 2m 16s 622ms 27m 30s
3-6 2m 13s 981ms 29m 44s
4-1 2m 43s 173ms 32m 27s
4-2 1m 35s 886ms 34m 03s
4-3 1m 22s 029ms 35m 25s
4-4 1m 54s 550ms 37m 19s
4-5 1m 46s 261ms 39m 06s
4-6 5m 54s 482ms 45m 00s
5-1 2m 35s 709ms 47m 36s
5-2 2m 48s 724ms 50m 25s
5-3 2m 37s 398ms 53m 02s
5-4 2m 41s 660ms 55m 44s
5-5 3m 15s 636ms 58m 59s
5-6 2m 59s 381ms 1h 01m 59s
6-1 1m 05s 439ms 1h 03m 04s
6-2 1m 38s 413ms 1h 04m 43s
6-3 2m 35s 709ms 1h 07m 18s
6-4 3m 02s 693ms 1h 10m 21s
6-5 3m 42s 354ms 1h 14m 03s
6-6 2m 34s 661ms 1h 16m 38s
7-1 2m 14s 717ms 1h 18m 53s
7-2 2m 44s 493ms 1h 21m 37s
7-3 3m 02s 507ms 1h 24m 40s
7-4 2m 45s 478ms 1h 27m 25s
7-5 2m 47s 092ms 1h 30m 12s
7-6 1m 52s 867ms 1h 32m 05s
8-1 1m 54s 001ms 1h 33m 59s
8-2 3m 24s 443ms 1h 37m 24s
8-3 3m 47s 828ms 1h 41m 11s
8-4 2m 28s 908ms 1h 43m 40s
8-5 1m 20s 407ms 1h 45m 01s
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