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Nitro Tracks in 34m 41s by SBlectric - 3rd place
No video
From my 32-Tracks run
Luigi in the egg

Played on Nintendo 3DS [USA] on

Submitted by SBlectric on

Verified by ModGoomba on

Name Duration Finished at
Figure 8 1m 35s 017ms 1m 35s
Yoshi Falls 1m 09s 954ms 2m 44s
Cheep Cheep Beach 1m 55s 384ms 4m 40s
Luigi's Mansion 2m 04s 965ms 6m 45s
Desert Hills 1m 45s 195ms 8m 30s
Delfino Square 2m 20s 258ms 10m 50s
Waluigi Pinball 2m 33s 808ms 13m 24s
Shroom Ridge 2m 14s 231ms 15m 38s
DK Pass 2m 26s 828ms 18m 05s
Tick-Tock Clock 2m 07s 637ms 20m 13s
Mario Circuit 2m 07s 331ms 22m 20s
Airship Fortress 2m 22s 902ms 24m 43s
Wario Stadium 2m 36s 247ms 27m 19s
Peach Gardens 2m 05s 653ms 29m 25s
Bowser Castle 2m 40s 365ms 32m 05s
Rainbow Road 2m 35s 220ms 34m 41s
Mario Circuit 1 1m 02s 047ms 35m 43s
Moo Moo Farm 1m 28s 472ms 37m 11s
Peach Circuit 1m 20s 911ms 38m 32s
GCN Luigi Circuit 1m 40s 427ms 40m 12s
Donut Plains 1m 21s 827ms 41m 34s
Frappe Snowland 2m 15s 728ms 43m 50s
Bowser Castle 2 2m 09s 809ms 46m 00s
Baby Park 1m 09s 597ms 47m 09s
Koopa Beach 2 1m 05s 716ms 48m 15s
Choco Mountain 2m 33s 433ms 50m 48s
GBA Luigi Circuit 1m 58s 029ms 52m 47s
Mushroom Bridge 1m 39s 096ms 54m 26s
Choco Island 2 1m 21s 432ms 55m 47s
Banshee Boardwalk 2m 26s 019ms 58m 13s
Sky Garden 1m 55s 853ms 1h 00m 09s
Yoshi Circuit 1m 57s 951ms 1h 02m 07s
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