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Any% in 41m 53s by Kuky_Bro (Obsolete)
This was super fun, rng was nice in most places, overall ok run.

Played on PC on

Submitted by Super modKuky_Bro on

Verified by Super modKuky_Bro on

Name Duration Finished at
Emerald Moon 4m 27s 402ms 4m 27s
Zeelich 3m 10s 879ms 7m 38s
Guy in the Bar 3m 54s 527ms 11m 32s
Undergas 4m 09s 138ms 15m 41s
Island CX 13m 34s 638ms 29m 16s
Funfrock 8m 09s 586ms 37m 26s
Urn 4m 27s 054ms 41m 53s