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Any% in 55m 05s by freemanqc (Obsolete)
Finally get back my 1st place for the world record of LBA 1. Pretty strong run, nailed almost every strats. Had a nice crew on chat which helped a lot. I'm reallt sorry about how I'm stressed. I just can't handle that stress and I become crazy! Enjoy the run and good luck beating it.

Played on PC on

Submitted by freemanqc on

Verified by Super modserializer on

Name Duration Finished at
Citadel Island 5m 44s 050ms 5m 44s
Principal Island 6m 28s 530ms 12m 12s
Bu Temple 3m 40s 150ms 15m 52s
Sendell's Medallion 2m 38s 360ms 18m 31s
Clear Water Flask - -
FunFrock's Sword 13m 54s 400ms 32m 25s
Dragonfly 11m 05s 020ms 43m 30s
Zoe's Clone 3m 52s 100ms 47m 22s
End 7m 42s 910ms 55m 05s
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