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  Sticky (locked): DiscordModSnipinG117
  The glitch with de deku seed in the WR of TorjeJugo44
  Oot Item Randomizer [beta]finap13
  Best way to practice?Naumold
  What Happened to child dungeonsNintendofan002
  Why are emu runs hidden?Nintendofan002
  Weird Camera GlitchKid_Gamer
  Dumb questionFranke_00
  Can I use an emulator?Double_U
  So This HappenedNegrodomus
  Problem with some visual effects on emumatorDarkman64000
  Regional Differences?Cyber-Wii-U-Gamer
  Moonjump All Dungeons Run (WIP)ChrisIsSoAwesome
  what is the diference between 100% and 100% no source requirement?Gabo0gabo
  Virtual Console Gecko Codes for PracticeJimmie1717
  Newbie questionsPinkVitamin
  No IM / WW QuestionD7X
  WiiU vc version in japaneseLioxim
  Recording Game footage on Wii VCSpoo
  ZSR Leaderboard Importsdgamefather
  JP Oot on PAL vWii?xeno_blade11
  Wiivc version on Wii uLioxim
  Japanese vs English and n64 vs WiiVCAtanz.
  can we add a "Child Dungeons (Glitchless)" category please?SilentKenny093
  all Child dungeons part 2MagmaSpeedRuns
  All child dungeons.MagmaSpeedRuns
  Deku tree wrong warpMagmaSpeedRuns
  Problem With EmulatorGreenPower713
  using a gamecube version on wiizipfl
  All Dungeons route for 1.2(n64)?JosiahPaola
  Save after Gohma's deadZeldaPirate
  GIM crashkillinninja
  What decides the sideroll direction?HippityLongEars
  Emulation rules  Page: 1 2Mrjabujabu
  Best OBS setting for OoTOfficialFern
  Do glitches in the (J) Ver of the game work on the (U) version?Rodnand
  Adding ZSR runs to speedrun.comModAlaris_Villain
  GIM should be banned on emuandypanther
  All Dungeons VS. MST?Marthur
  ZSR Is dead?Marthur
  Explanation of current any% route?ChefSeth
  2 Skater runs on leaderboardAmoeba
  VC Brightness IssuesMarthur
  PS4 Controller ?Arcree
  GIM Setup troubleshootingMarthur
  Make No IM its own category?Marthur
  ESS Position & ControllersMarthur
  Installing homebrew a second time on wii7hornet
  Wii Hacking QuestionsMarthur
  Easiest category to learn.Eagleye4200
  Wess to kakorikoBergerzs
  Speedrun Oot on emulator ?Arcree
  No Wrong Warp B-BottleJabba90
  Can you run Any% on Master Quest?TuckVA
  OoT Meme Category sectionaterraformer
  Links Awakening DX TournamentWarr90
  another ww help thread lolshaggy21
  Wrong Warp Help :3kThisIsGlitchy
  Speedrun To Change The World (Small charity marathon)Knight
  Questions about Zelda OOT ..plotos
  Why is my Time not verified.?Racingmonster
  New Categories (Misc.)Dveon
  How do I get Japanese Oot 1.2 Wad?Danschemen
  N64 PAL Questionlinkon18
  How much faster is Japanese then EnglishLOZRunner
  Can you speedrun The Collectors edition?Samie
  Virtual Console Gecko Codes for PracticeJimmie1717
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