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Forums  /   North American Speedrunner Assembly
  Sticky: NASA 2016 Lost & Found Threadjymotion
  Sticky: NASA 2016  Page: 1 2 3 4Super modNaegleria
  Sticky: NASA 2016 Feedback/Criticism Thread  Page: 1 2 3Super modNaegleria
  Has this happened?DarQ_Massacres
  Other gaming onsite?  Page: 1 2RaikouRider
  Setup Volunteersdarkfox36
  Four-hour delay?Halian
  Recorded VODsmessenger
  Post sgdq northeast meet updarkfox36
  NASA 2016 Stream Layouts - Drafts & Critiques  Page: 1 2jymotion
  NASA Registration Fee  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  Runner Equipment Checklist  Page: 1 2darkfox36
  PC Games 2016lurk
  Airport Pickupsdarkfox36
  Travel Threadlurk
  NASA 2016 Hotel Roommates  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  NASA 2016 Schedule  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  Couch commentary?  Page: 1 2RaikouRider
  NASA 2016 Equipment  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  NASA VolunteeringSuper modNaegleria
  Exact location?Nyarlathotep
  NASA 2016 Game Submissions  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  Get the word out?ZanasoBayncuh
  In case of cancellations, etc.ZanasoBayncuh
  NASA 2016 Volunteering/Help Thread  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  Livestream to watch?Racingmonster
  Smash 64 Submission ConfusionMadtaz64
  NASA 2016 Scheduling InfoSuper modNaegleria
  NASA 2016 Hotel  Page: 1 2Super modNaegleria
  W H E N ?Mhmd_FVC
  Commentary via Skype, Mumble, etc.Galedog
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