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  Sticky: Kingdom Hearts Community Discord InfoRebelWatt
  KH 711 911 358/2= 179Logos
  Discussion about Timers on videos  Page: 1 2 3 4 5Sly1020
  Backwards-compatible PS3s  Page: 1 2ModDrazerk
  Discussion about Streaming from PS4 and Record featureSly1020
  New to SpeedrunningKokuro
  Currently, Our Community Needs To Shape Up.kasapuppy
  Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix RTA (Beginner) RaceSuper modSonicshadowsilver2
  PS4 Stream Timergamebrain1
  Planning the Next KH event! The 2017 Kingdom Hearts Relay!kasapuppy
  Planning a KH Marathon!kasapuppy
  Turbo ControllersDJSALTYNUTZ
  Emulator PacksTimmiluvs
  Question about moddingFaizingMousy
  Will the ps4 remixes be treated as different games?gamebrain1
  New to speedrunning, Introduction and questions.Dangerzone
  Request for the mods: Please fix formattinggamebrain1
  Offensive language and spreading hateSuper modJHobz
  The big KH bounty threadModDrazerk
  Re-Adding The Original Gold Crown Category as "Glitchless" & changing timing for ending on gold crown speedrun  Page: 1 2LiquidWIFI
  Kingdom Hearts SSD for Ps4 DiscussionSly1020
  Console and game languagesteezull
  Mod imbalance and the supposed "dictatorship" mentalityModFayeLilac
  BackWards Compatible PS3 on the LeaderboardsDJSALTYNUTZ
  PCSX2 Memory Cards ideaSuper modSonicshadowsilver2
  What to do about current WR runs with no videoSuper modJHobz
  Proposal: Require Leaderboard Mods to no longer automatically verify their runsSuper modJHobz
  Themes for GamesSuper modSaiyanz
  Universal Split FilesBranToast75
  Thinking about adding "In-Game Time" or "Play Time" to more KH games.Super modSonicshadowsilver2
  Radical change to how categories workSuper modJHobz
  Organizing the games listSuper modJHobz
  Locked: General Issues and Request Thread  Page: 1 2 3 4Timmiluvs
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