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Guides  /  How to setup demo recording

by Super modGriffin Last updated
Since rules have changed now and you are required to submit demos even if you record or stream your run, I decided to make this quick guide on how to set everything up so you can have a valid run for the leaderboard.

To record a demo from the start of the run use the following start run bind:
bind <key> "map c1a0;bxt_hud_timer 1;bxt_timer_reset;bxt_timer_start;bxt_autorecord run".

In the newest version of BXT ( ), bxt_autorecord will automatically record new demos on loads, making the old script for demo recording not required anymore.

To stop the demo at the end of the run make a bind:
bind <key> "stop" or type in console "stop" after the timer has stopped.
It does not really matter which you choose as when you stop the demo does not affect the verification process, so you could do it long after the game ends if you choose.


As of right now bxt_timer is not visible in demo playback and until it is an added feature into BXT you will have to do the following.

Take a screenshot at the end of the game, by using the following bind when your bxt_timer stops:
bind <key> "snapshot"

Binding this to a key is suggested so you can get a good screenshot like this example,
Runs will be accepted if you take a screenshot later than this point, but it is highly recommended and would be more convenient if you could get a screenshot like the one linked.

You could also make a bind: bind <key> "stop;snapshot" but if you accidentally press this mid run your run would be invalid, so separating the two is a good idea, also mentioned before when you stop the demo does not really matter so this is kind of a pointless bind but still an option.


Submitting and Uploading:
The screenshot and demos will be saved into your "valve_WON" folder, the screenshot will have the same name as the map you make it on, example: c4a3 followed by 4 numbers, these numbers represent the number of screenshots made on that map, so if you already have a c4a30000 in your valve_WON folder, the next one you make will be c4a30001.

The demos will be also found in the "valve_WON" folder named as "run_1,run_2, etc"
If for some reason you do not want your run demos to be named "run", you can change the name to whatever you want by changing this command in the start bind: bxt_autorecord <name>.

Once you have located all the demo files and the screenshot, you can select them all and zip them, from here you have a few options on how you want to upload the zip file. There are many options of file sharing sites that you could use, like mediafire, dropbox, google drive. We will accept any file sharing site we recognize, make sure the link works before you decide to submit your run. Just leave the download link in the comment section of the run.


Reason for rule:
I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be curious about this rule change, so I thought I would quickly explain. With demos being a requirement we can analyze the run submitted more in depth and prevent cheating in the leaderboard. Demos can give us a lot more information then just a video so this rule makes verification more accurate.

If you have any questions you can ask in #goldsrc on the SourceRuns discord, or make a forum post here.
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