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  Sticky: FF8_Speedrun Twitter accountOnynekyu
  Sticky: Anouncement: Rule change regarding modifications on pc any%Super modAhramanyu
  question about 100% routeUrXcution
  Any% is this legal?Slothius
  Trouble with the Timber Train Segment on PC? I got you!stealinbread
  Hello i am training psx emuIDK-O-Ligeirinho
  sorry to bother you windowIDK-O-Ligeirinho
  Someone can help me pleaseIDK-O-Ligeirinho
  [Mod] Lv 100 (For speedrun challenge purposes)ElbodYkso
  Informations about Misc CategoriesOnynekyu
  Disc 3 Early [glitch hunting]stealinbread
  Duel advice Diablos FightBaloonatic
  RTA/SS and other fun questionsSush
  Squall is NOT dead 2016. Links and rules here!!!ElbodYkso
  Welcome thread !Onynekyu
  [Category] Would like some input on a Misc. categorySaintmillion
  [Testing] How to make sure that Hero/Holy War doesn't missSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Return from Dollet, Car VS noCarSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Pre-Esthar Menu DialogueSuper modAhramanyu
  [Glitch] Rinoa Space SplittingSuper modAhramanyu
  [Glitch] Rinoa Space Rampage SkipSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Train to Deling DialogueSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Orphanage DialogueSuper modAhramanyu
  [Glitch] Sorceress Memorial SkipSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Caraway Mansion DialogueSuper modAhramanyu
  [Routing] Fire Cavern Dialogue SkipSuper modAhramanyu
  Locked: [UPDATE] Informations about FFVIII leaderboard updates.Onynekyu
  Locked: [Information] Adjustments/Clarification/Changings speedrun rules are under discussionsOnynekyu
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