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I was curious if there was one for all the Mario Golf games or not. I am not sure the community is big enough, but it may help with discussions of learning the game/games and maybe it would help to make it bigger. This game and I am sure 64 is the same in these games really being underrated for how hard and impressive they are to watch speedrun.
Hey! Yea it really is a cool interesting run. Yea USB loader unfortunately is banned as well. A lot of these work similar to emulators and don't all work the same. Some have no lag and some have less lag for example. The disc is consistent and best way to go. USB would cause to much confusion on what is okay and what is not because they are all different. But, to keep it short, yes they are banned. It is cool seeing the interest in the game, and I hope to see more in the future.
Hey! How's it going? It's cool to see more people wanting to get into this game. Unfortunately as of now emulators are not expected for runs. Mostly the reason for this is their is also lag that occurs in power shots and other situations that would be obviously not existent in emu. This game is becoming so optimized now that small time saves would be unfair to runner on disc. This is a fun game though and I would love to you run it in the future! I may allow for emu runs when first starting off in the future. However, when submitting better times, a disc would be required.
Yea I agree. That kind of makes me think. I wonder how much difference it is between beating world open with a star character versus not having one?
Can a mod add the categories:
All Special Events
Ace Exhibition
I think the All Cups category should include the doubles as well and we could rename All Cups to All Singles Cups

I don't mind becoming a mod of this game if that help you guys out.
I think we need to ask a mod to do it. I can probably do it in the forum.
Nice. I do like these new ideas. What would we call this category, Ace Exhibition?
True the ability to win the matches do come in to play for special events. I like all tournaments and All Special games as well. I think 100% percent would be something different to do once in a while. Yea it would be a test of stamina for sure. I wonder how long each category would take. It would be interesting to see.
Yea that sounds like something that would be interesting to see. Would the character choice be a net court player or someone else?
I thought about, what else we could do with this game. So I wondered what 100% of this game would be. I think starting with a new memory card would be good. I think unlocking all of the star characters would be to repetitive. I am thinking the objectives should be:

-Win all Singles and Double tournaments (Doing this will also unlock all characters and special events as well)
-Completing all Special Events (Just the bronze, silver, and gold)
The extra one you unlock after the golds is not necessary and the game says you have completed the challenge once you beat the first three anyway. Although we could have Minor (Like level) categories to see who could get the highest score in the extra ones as well.

That seems about right for 100%. What do you guys think?

I also think that all tournaments (Singles and Doubles) could be a category in the future as well.
All special events could be one too by itself too, but I think only about half of the events you can actually improve the time on them individually
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