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If you really want to fight it out, please go to the original topic instead of here:

I am only disappointed that it had to be errupted in here once again before anyone gave any proof or reasoning. Please use this topic for what it is, and that is not a war about 1 run.
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I'd like to become moderator for Section 8: Prejudice

Tyurru92 hasn't been on YT for years and his last Twitch broadcast was over 2 years ago.

Kyuketsuki is unreachable on Twitter and Twitch as he has everything set to private.
@Fireman last post a month ago *shrug*

I'd try him there, but both mods look pretty inactive so you'll probably get mod
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I would like to add Kirby Air Ride. If there is Kirby Air
Ride, add Top Ride and Air Ride individual records for each stage.
  Full modROMaster2
@Fireman I remember contacting Tyurru92 over a run that was pending for ages. He's been swamped with work and barely has any free time. You'll probably still be promoted but that's just some info.
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@KomradeKontroll I tried Twitter but he doesn't allow anyone to send him any (private) messages, not on Twitter nor on Twitch.

@ROMaster2 That makes sense, I had checked both his channels and it seems like he hasn't been online in atleast a year. Thanks for the info.
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Hello, Apologies if I'm posting inappropriately, but I have been running an admittedly very small game by the name of Freedom Fall recently, and due to the fact that the game hasn't been run for the better part of 3 years there is understandably very little activity on the board. There's only one mod for the game and the first run I submitted took some time to be approved, and the moderator hasn't been on the site in over four months, leading me to believe that I would be okay in asking if I would be able to be added as a mod to the board seeing as I'm the only person currently running the game and there is no listed ways to contact the other mod?
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A friend and I learned Mini Ninjas any% ( for the 12HourChallenge last Friday and neither of our runs have been verified yet. I looked into both of the moderators and neither have been active for ~3 months and seem to exclusively speedrun Mini Ninjas. ( &

The game would be easy to moderate since it's really a straightforward and unpopular speed game. I'm already a moderater of the entire Spyro series and it would be no trouble to moderate this board as well.

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Forget my request For MW2:
1. Because it's not gonna happen because of the same thing that always happens.
2. I'll be back in 3 months when they still never resolve the conflict of the run, and only posted here to make people feel that they are right.
Wondering if I can get a leaderboard going for Rockman Complete Works, since the boards here are barely suitable, and the ones on the mega man site are poorly run and ban a bunch of aspects of the games for no reason, and communication with them is impossible.

To add: Rockman Complete Works is a re-release japanese only PS1 game set of Mega Man 1-6 where they added remixed sounds, no lag, and ng+ features to the games, they're really epic for speedrunning and there's currently no area to post actual runs of these ports.

I don't care about any drama or huge wall of text essay spam, I just want to know if I'm allowed to add or request these and that people won't complain or riot over it.
I'm the mod for FTL and after some restructuring I wish to have the game ftl_delete ( deleted. Since that means there is now just one game page, FTL: Faster Than Light (, there is no need for a FTL: Faster Than Light series to exist anymore, so please delete that as well.
@Thomas You can delete the game yourself by clicking on "Edit Game" and then after clicking the arrow in the top right corner, "Delete Game" comes up:

Don't think that works for the game series though, a full mod might have to take a look at that.
Hello again, I was wondering if I can be added as a mod for Astroneer . I think i have already asked about 1 week ago and I really want to take care of that game. The responsible mod is inactive and I cant contact him via Youtube or elswhere.

~ KevínDieSeegurke
Can i be added as a Mod for all the Puyo puyo games in the puyo series?
puyo puyo, puyo puyo 2 the mod for those has been gone for a long time (9 Months)
Puyo puyo SUN and puyo puyo tetris leaderboards are fine.
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KevinDieSeegurke, I don't think you saw what kirkq said last week about your request. The mod is not inactive, he was online only 2 days ago. You need to make a more clear post in the game forums so that the mod knows what the issue you have is. You can even request them to add you as mod if they need the help, but without making a clearer post I don't think the mod will be able to help much.
The super mod of Rainbow Six has not verified the game I requested I tried contacting him but I dont know if he is active.
Picking up the Speed Punks/Speed Freaks (Thanks, localisation differences) speedrun, looked at the board, Moderator's not been seen for over a year, on here Twitch or Youtube. Also, the currently posted run is posted with the in game character used rather than the runner who set the time <.<. Would hug for fixes
I don't really wanna be a mod of more boards than SMRPG but i also want my runs verified

Crystal Caves 1's only moderator has been inactive due to irl stuff, i reached out to him on twitter a month ago but never got a reply
@Timmiluvs I tried to contact him again. He blocked me on Discord and I wrote a new thread in the astroneer forum. He is just not cooperating...
request to be moderator for both The Godfather: The Game and The Godfather II. The only moderator for both is inactive and has taken more than weeks for reply.

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