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  2nd iconblueYOSHI
  Site Statistics 2017  Page: 1 2Full modROMaster2
  Submiting a SpeedrunAndyux_AoM
  Have a Concern, and a few questions.StrawberryMilk
  Just curious about the game-specific forums in generalJayJane4
  Edit Requested GameDragonHeart000
  Regions' flagOui
  Upcoming language system  Page: 1 2 3 4AdminPac
  Mega Man gamestwin0mega
  Submitted a run in the wrong categorynatmatm
  News/updates sticky threadSlevanas Support for Proofvideos?PureFallen
  A thing that makes me confused.UbuntuJackson
  High score runs that are not speedruns  Page: 1 2Really_Tall
  Delete obsolete level runs?Slevanas
  Pending Series RequestNihilistComedyHour
  Is it important to have a proof?klimmesil
  RSS Feed on a leaderboardMenou
  What should I do then there is no video?UbuntuJackson
  Filters that don't apply to the category are listedCaliforn1a
  Adding new games that aren't on the listSyn_the_Demon
  I just want to ask for safetyUbuntuJackson
  Problems with uploading runsUbuntuJackson
  Linking to twitch issuechilladin
  I can't log in to the site.imajin
  Bulk import runsDarK_
  Submit somebody else's runDJFoxtrotYT
  Sonic Generations PC/PS3/360 Category request nobody has replied toSonicKings
  Forza Horizon 2 Request Not answeredEchoSRs
  How to delete a unnecessary column on the boards?DarK_
  Save stream settings?LifeAnyPercent
  Does a submitted run need sound?NFSPLAYER
  Are flash cartridges allowed ?Nolcolem
  Problem with Livespliticeolator
  Forum spamCrasher101
  Game Removal or Hand-offRacingmonster
  New Game!!!elveskz
  My Refunct PB is listed as Obsolete666sorrow
  Listing multiple runners in 2P game (SMG2)discospacebar
  Same Speedruns with better timeMeister177
  How to submit a picture?Xechwill
  How to add a version columnfrenzied_coder
  Cancel a game request?Slevanas
  API: Getting the amount of runners along the position of the runAvasam
  Oops, Help PleaseTheGreatToddman
  Growth in srcom activity since 2016the_illuminati
  iOS speedruns verificationskudryavtsev
  Higher resolution icons?UlsterRosé
  Is it legal?OdessaMama
  "Webpage not available" at random timesSpiderSponge87
  How do I change my name/delete my account?erose524
  Submissions by IrreversibleNinja are likely cheatedAmoeba
  Values for Variables aren't turning off defaultRacingmonster
  Why is this allowed?BrokeSatan
  502 Bad Gatewaybigking06
  Linking Discord/Wiki on game page?Tigame
  What to do with a game that judged by the moderator, not the rulel4m2
  There could be fakes runners in SRCXcvazer
  Help with moderating?Ricape
  How to Submit Runs for Games Currently Not On Speedrun.comduders719
  502 problemMaksymalnyMAXpl
  Obsolete ILsStrawberryMilk
  Run has not been verifiedBdun4
  New Update to The SiteSpiderSponge87
  Change Emailcheeseandcereal
  Sonic The Hedgehog (App)MaxDragonSoul
  How would I go about adding a game to a series that has already been made?BrokeSatan
  User name Change plzJupiter0291
  Where is the Level LeaderBooard in SM64 MultiplayerMari0no1
  Can't login with FirefoxSmokyBird
  Question about adding a gamealkaline_ice
  Messaging SystemRyddyx
  Problem viewing runs of unregistered uservorpal
  How do I report an account?Soru
  Add to the Profile LinksElectra13x7777
  Moderation when approving Mega Man leaderboard requests  Page: 1 2 3 4 5wallyaldo
  There should be an option to cancel your run submissionsmeleewaluigi
  Leaderboard for a game that we know next to nothing aboutParkraft123
  What is a Favicon?MrVirusYT
  I really do not mean to hate but[user deleted]
  New Retro titles addedThe_Retro_Challenger
  Cut the Rope Moderator InactiveShienjeru
  Can I delete pending game requests?Lucha_Gym
  2 weeks since game was submittedNyarlathotep
  Commenting, thumbs up, etc. -- Send Messagestwin0mega
  How to put an image in the descriptionLemonLightning
  My Donator icon is stuckGuggy
  Default platform?097Aceofspades
  How can I delete my account?[user deleted]
  Further inspection upon "secondary accounts"tocaloni1
  User Following and Contact bugtwin0mega
  Possible to make less games show up in a game series?Thextera
  Wierd logos on site at tooZer0z
  Sites SimilarZer0z
  Edit/Delete Submissions on a Marathon PageBenjee
  How to moderate?OdessaMama
  Which one is better?SpiderSponge87
  New trio of gamesOmegaJubs
  A small reportingNekohDot
  Web, and WebgamesZer0z
  How to make a speedrun logo for a gameZer0z
  Games for specific OSZer0z
  Donator PerksZer0z
  Same variables for multiple - but not all - Full game categoriesZet
  Userscript for HTTPS version of sitesatanch
  How to became moderator of game?OdessaMama
  How to delete pending action?OdessaMama
  The YouTube profile implementation needs looked atThrillUK
  Fake Speedrunswesen
  Recovering accidentally deleted runsIzraill
  Site API applicationsNekohDot
  Are moderaters even thinking about these leaderboards.Dragon_of_the_Waves
  Run doesn't shows up on leaderboard?Ghostly
  new games added5axPlays
  Way to Post Run Data from External Site?meowmixmix
  Suggestion - Hide misc IL categoriesSalem
  Q: How to add subcategories?Stikam
  Run rejected without explanationDagnel
  Suggestion - commenting on runsBemels
  Is it possible to use turn number or year instead of time?maelfyn
  Wrong data on a runCuttyflame
  Mod Names Look BadZachoholic
  Can't change custom Icon ?steppehaan
  Its possibile to change nickname ?toucanoats
  Inactive mod on LeaderboardKromer
  Runs gone after adding subcategorySnipinG117
  Help please!!CrazyCalv
  Creating a new variable for a gamePresJPolk
  Ban all members of sre (speedruns Español) from a leaderboard?Jefestrefe
  how can I request creation of a marathon forum?pidgezero_one
  Can we have a limit on forum threads per page?Ihavenoname248
  Can you help me delete my request?FilipeTales
  Game Request Hanged for 13 daysILoveSMB
  i want to delete my account[user deleted]
  Is there a way to mention users?Zachoholic
  Edit Game Requests?AlyssaMintChip
  Game Requests administration latesnes_fanatic
  How can i become a moderatorKimpiePaarntie07
  Game Request Processing Temporarily Broken  Page: 1 2Adminkirkq
  Unfair Mariowombocombo122
  Request for new game not being processed?Lortimus
  Visual glitchlosi
  Who wants to be a mod in this leaderboardSpiderSponge87
  Proposal: Change Video Field to Evidenc/Proof FieldHowDenKing
  I would like to change my name: is that possible?Christolaki
  Why Not ?![user deleted]
  Memes Boards are now "Category Extensions"Adminkirkq
  Requesting seriessnes_fanatic
  Levels of Life Marathon page requestShadowDancer
  Can you still follow games?Crockey
  Can we have a "Sticky: Ask game-specific questions on the specific game's forum"emeraldaly
  Run deletionsnes_fanatic
  Just a simple question.Senna
  Submitting a run for a game that isn't on the sitedreameryoutube
  New Layout!  Page: 1 2 3 12 13 14AdminPac
  split category1RD
  Seperate "Times in milliseconds" parameter for ILs and full runs?FireFox
  Add a new gameStefler
  0 millisecondsblahpy
  Monojira Is Doing wierd thingsXcvazer
  Unable to change profile picturezackbach
  Request: Changes to Subcategories and Filter VariablesSeathorne
  Stolen videos, timer run at wrong speedRedslash
  Adding an upcoming game to the seriesFleshCrunch
  Let's Fix Leaderboards Layout Design Issues - Tabsfurious
  New Patch will probably split the Leaderboard only more (Stardew Valley)TrenteR_TR
  Games that donk have a wiki page?Bat
  Runs were accidentally deleted while re-organizing leaderboards  Page: 1 2097Aceofspades
  What happens if a mod isn't responsiveDJedi2
  Game request rejected because no "substantial run" provided.Weonix
  Game VerificationZypherTheSpeedy
  Is it possible to change my user name?R0ckyCat
  Hi nice to meet youCarmelia
  Run being rejected for following rules... WTHFirestarYT
  Concept: Auto-Submitting system for IL leaderboardsFull modROMaster2
  Multiple TimesZypherTheSpeedy
  Background Image SizeZypherTheSpeedy
  Why are there so many non-speedrun streams?iluvpie2
  Issues with moderators28465992
  Change the tropysphillip1872r
  Game DeletionSuper327
  WeWantJSRFHD 3.0 marathon page requestTwoWorldsCoexisting
  Error in Nickname and Email AdressOGC_Citizen2
  Are Favicons still available?AdmirableJoe
  about anyone be banned from speedrun.comBensaid
  request: only display 100 entries at a timemugg1991
  Can you delete this game, please?RebelWatt
  New policy regarding game requests  Page: 1 2 3AdminLighnat0r
  Can you delete this game?emeraldaly
  Follow runners?Slevanas
  Video Links requiredFastGame55
  Runs still being rejected for no pls?  Page: 1 2bluewiregaming
  Kind of at a loss as to what to do here...  Page: 1 2 3d4gr0n
  Website Resources (requests wanted)RaveTuba
  Support Needed for Board ModerationNightmareJames
  Can I have someone help me?TrianReallyHard
  Twitch VODs Not LoadingNyarlathotep
  1st/2nd/3rd place icons reverting to previous version?Ihavenoname248
  Excluding levels from certain categories?yonderfork
  how can we add games to speedrun.comKloses
  how can i get my stream to the "Streams" section?V1lle
  Multiple Games Leaderboard RequestsDubldrop
  Leaderboard being misused for high score runsDugongue
  Codename CURE pageShyGuy
  Name ChangeZypherTheSpeedy
  There are two separate leaderboards for the same gameGTNTG
  Remove Supermodphillip1872r
  [QoL]Suggestion: Create new IL above already created ILsHowDenKing
  Could use some advice about submissionSlyfincleton
  How long does it take for a new game to get approved?TrianReallyHard
  Submit dont workTw0F1sh
  Club Penguin??GyroMan
  Feature Request: Notifications When New Game Is CreatedHeroLuka
  Delet Formus in a gamephillip1872r
  Tetris Sprint, or 40 lines modechina
  Pokemon Japanese deleted ?Sora-Aruzaky
  High Scoresblahpy
  About community linksxDrHellx
  Little Idea about StreamsArcree
  Blindfolded runs and adding new categoriesTopsyTurve
  How do i change my email address?[user deleted]
  Platform difference as different categoriesaperturegrillz
  Can't log in on Google Chrome....?marioloveskirby
  What happened to the pokemon green part of this site?tenguorange
  I thought this site was for video games?Stache
  How do I cancel a game request?BritishGamingNerd
  New console for the siteSora-Aruzaky
  How come console ID's aren't part of the (extensive) contact information options?emeraldaly
  Genres are a messOmnisegaming
  Are translations of the website in the works?Rmac524
  Subcategories  Page: 1 2 3 4AdminLighnat0r
  Runs being deleted that needs to be recovered if possibleRebelWatt
  Default display 'All' for an extra subcategorydarkid
  Can I delete my runs or my account?Koalazz
  What the hell?NoControl
  Site StatisticsFull modROMaster2
  Moving Nicktoons Globs of Doom to the Nicktoons SeriesCobra
  Questions about Requesting GamesLeRoyalGamer
  Requesting game that is part of a seriesNoControl
  Taking a While to Get Accepted?BigNnThick
  Help me speedrun this categoryRacingmonster
  Disqus ImplementationOxknifer
  surely "...memes" isn't the best way to handle misc categories?armin
  Seperate settings for ILs and Runs on leaderboardsAvanor_
  Adverts in runsdrgrumble
  A way to reportbluewiregaming
  I wanna request a new category in mario kart dsEnddox
  How do you submit a runWindblazer_Official
  Verification Process?Bloopiero
  Pateron QuestionRacingmonster
  apparently the site ain't secureMhmd_FVC
  Can He Do That?Star
  VR systems as a separate platform?Soulcloset
  Can you submit runs without vid?ItzEybdoog
  Unverified run disappearingFrameDump
  How do we know if a game was denied?Slevanas
  How to make game submissions/create a game pageOberlexia
  Flags of Spain autonomous regionsJandriMC
  No new category granted by moderator...?NickDoane
  How to remove Player Name and Player Selection from Submission FormIceplug
  Console trophy/achievement 100% records categoryworld_record_holder
  Request to remove the sunglasses emoteS.
  Hyperdimension Neptunia Marathonzfresh
  Need to revert board recordszfresh
  How do we submit speedruns?StealthinDaBetter
  Backgrounds don't stretch to fit the screenFitterSpace
  duplicate game kirkq?GyroMan
  Does a game page strictly have to have only?Slevanas
  Notification Settings are Unchangeable (404 error, "nginx"?)jongyon7192p
  See WRs/PBs for variables and consolesSlevanas
  Feature Request: Sort runs by Filter categoriesDrakodan
  Accidentally requested a game with an incomplete title[user deleted]
  Feature Request - Change order of games on your profileretro
  Is it possible for admins to delete marathon submissions?gvirus
  Game Display Picture isn't the good one.RastaBobby
  Update Suggestion[user deleted]
  about be banned of hocinehocineHassenZero
  Looking to add a game.AvisTonitrui
  do you need to have a timer on to submit a run?SomeBroYouDontKnow
  Moderator has been offline for 5 months...flametenshi
  Request for a speedrunning marathon thread on the forumsShokushu
  Hi I'm newYattasuba
  Trying to submit a run that has a better time but it says it is obsoletetravisfreeman
  What is up with kirkq?[user deleted]
  Facebook Link Error![user deleted]
  Can someone figure out what's going on here?Ihavenoname248
  Notification Page suggestion?SolidSpiderZnake
  Choose variables for ILs?Slevanas
  Game info is not in Wikipedia!![user deleted]
  UK/England FlagsSoaringWombat
  Sticky: New Extra Social Media Link[user deleted]
  How do you post pictures in forumsBalletdancergabe31
  Come on I can't wait anymore, please![user deleted]
  New Graph Ideamrmanny620
  Searching Marathons in Regard to LocationEdward_Stryfe
  Edit Theme (Best In Slot)Leontoner
  Excluding variables for specific categoriesZero_uk
  Why can't I add subcategories?LazerLemon
  Plz admins can u watch my gamerequests?frathebest
  hello, how can i reject run that i upload for verification?lowskilled
  Banned runner resubmitting under new pseudo?huxxny
  I am questioning a leaderboard's themeCrockey
  My recently accepted gameFrikkinfriks14
  how longNeutrino
  "Optional" mention next to millisecondsKirua
  Animated GIFS work as Custom IconsCriticaL
  Donation error?MrWunder
  Video for Gravitee Wars SubmissionLeery
  Ben 10 serieSora-Aruzaky
  Can we please get a sticky Autosplitter thread?tcd11
  Cannot unlock donator features?mistertibbs__
  Need help for banning a kid from a leaderboard[user deleted]
  Change Name or Emailsuper_creature
  Combine threads into one on the forums?mistertibbs__
  New user list  Page: 1 2AdminPac
  Game / Series merge?FurryWulfz
  How to use the Site API ?tcd11
  Mobile App[user deleted]
  Sorry, we will no longer be accepting game requests from you.hocinehocine
  Request a forum for an event I plan to holdemeraldaly
  Delete game?neskamikaze
  How can I delete my account?Pikmin
  What to do when it's not updatingHavi
  hi organisator of the site plz letme send new gameshocinehocine
  I need helpZecora_MLP_1
  Behavior of extra variablesOh_DeeR
  When does a game qualify to recieve a Leaderboard?tcd11
  Forum - Delete a Thread without delete all post insideSephJul
  How do I request a subforum?emeraldaly
  The longstanding issue of emulator submissions  Page: 1 2 3Oh_DeeR
  What makes a miscellaneous category?Radge
  Game Request Bug?Sgitch
  Extra variable possible in a sub category?Thextera
  Editing Requesting Game?Sgitch
  New Mod and I Need HelpNehkRohw
  Fake run on the impossible quiztheyoshiguy
  Is it against the rule to have an alt?Nyarlathotep
  Cr1tikal's account made by someone elseSlevanas
  Rom hacks/mods?Cyberdemon531
  Twisted MetalCriscoWild
  Real-time for Full game, In-game-time for ILsPojeBunny
  Adding subcategories/variables independient for each subcategoryJulian
  Asking for a full mod on Shower With Your Dad SimulatorXcvazer
  Subcategory IdeasDudleyC_
  Making platforms subcategoriesAntiGravityMaster
  [Suggestion/QoL]Sections for IL LeaderboardsHowDenKing
  Favicons not working?VouivreCritique
  Best image size for custom backgroundsAntiGravityMaster
  Problems at moving some runsMaiguels
  Would it be possible to integrate a sister site for top scores?theworstamy
  Change of cats.cuboid9
  Marathon page request for the Prince of Persia Marathontocaloni1
  Questions about full modsAntiGravityMaster
  So my game was accepted, but where is it?TwoVGA
  Need Admin help to fix leaderboardsJHobz
  List of followed games cut offQuasarbooster
  Change eMail?Star
  Add Game For SpeedrunNehkRohw
  Hello would like to introduce myself and have some questionsMKJS
  IL-Boards with Sub-CategoriesPreFiXAUT
  Verification for runsPow_eR
  Both leaderboards view optionJulian
  "Your Request was denied..."Scypher
  Emote IssueZephiles
  Segmented and TAS boards  Page: 1 2Cyberdemon531
  There is no way to cancel a game request, right?WeaponLord
  Help! URL noobieWeaponLord
  Waiting for my run to be accepted/RejectedShade667
  Individual Level Categories using seperate measurementsGhillieGuide
  Super Metroid leaderboardOsteHovel
  New Game Request Taking A Long Timebluedudex2
  Hyperlinks in 'View Rules' - ColourFurryWulfz
  Sidebar Full Game Categories Links not workingwesen
  Help with my leaderboardemeraldaly
  How to add a new game that is not on the site?Mr_Stick
  Mixed up notifications?Molotov
  Set game as pre-release (beta) not possible?tocaloni1
  Leaderboard restoreTohloo
  Unable to remove certains games when i'm a series modThextera
  I lost my mod on re4 and im not sure whyStorm
  In-active moderatorsexeloar
  Front PageStrawberryMilk
  How can I request a game that is part of a series that already existsQuarantineTarantula
  Encoding issue with Apostrophe character on game pagesmt76907
  Please Delete my Account[user deleted]
  Discord serversmobiusman
  Sort game list by lengthi_o_l
  Game ActivityFull modROMaster2
  What is the activity stat based on?QuarantineTarantula
  Wii Party ModeratorAntoninZeKing
  Site FAQ and BasicsPreFiXAUT
  Random Game OptionCodiferus
  Avatar won't changeSusiKette
  Can't see my splits when submitting runsSinistra
  Game ApprovalSoaringLlama
  Marathon page requestTwoWorldsCoexisting uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteCptBrian
  How do I block someone?Frikkinfriks14
  Hiding runs w/o video as defaultmikl
  Can i only Follow 15 Games?tcd11
  Dates of speedrunning uploads stupid questionRobber
  Adding special seperations to a leaderboardFrostyZako
  Main page followed gamesXtremePrime
  Looking for a News Editor!  Page: 1 2AdminPac
  My run count is brokenRacingmonster
  How do I add resources?DiscoCokkroach
  Is there a way to have different video requirements for full game and IL?BaconBasedGod
  Can we follow games anymoretcd11
  Change Username?Corvo7
  How often should i submit a new run?tcd11
  Level Times?tcd11
  Is there an option to report players?xJackieBx
  Mods and Super ModsShade667
  Bad problem with mobile.Lance_
  [Suggestion] Alerts for important informationPreFiXAUT
  Error, you didn't enter the Name!DaHoboKing
  Weird leaderboard logicRemyria
  Quick question about gamesDarQ_Massacres
  Active Moderators won't validate my runs_Assassin_
  Deleting pending actions?Ciellow
  Something is wrong with my profilerupfas
  Private MessageHavi
  Splits I/O issueVictorMGJ96
  IL Board and the scroll barCyberdemon531
  RTA/Time without loads issuePrawnik675
  User StatisticsFull modROMaster2
  Make a game be a modSphere
  Showing misc categories by defaultGoomba
  How can I edit my original game request?amg
  Same times showing up as different placesAmpsen
  Dropdown's next to username would be better shown when hovered not clicked.antihype
  [Feature Request] Previous WR in Email NotificationsStylishHobo
  Adding New Release Titles to Serieswerster
  How can I properly set up the leaderboards for a racing game with multiple combinations of play?Tryst
  Feature request: Different categories for different ILsVallkyr
  How to make the bubble on thing readyelectriccrusher891
  Forum moderation?emeraldaly
  Can't Follow Games?theTANCO
  Extra variables exclude category?Slevanas
  Supermod questionukotunes
  Misc runs - a suggestionUrinstein
  Deleting threads?[user deleted]
  Extra Variables put mouseover "?" on submission pageCaliforn1a
  Game tags update  Page: 1 2AdminLighnat0r
  Still no Hitbox Support?Zetter
  New layoutandypanther
  Why are obsolete runs defaulting to being shown all of a sudden?Ampsen
  Feature request for categories with multiple players - Hide times that are not PB for any playerZnernicus
  How to request a category for a gameSuperViperT302
  Game followsKkove
  Donation Goal/Donation Amount Raised?Racingmonster
  Level Leaderboards?MannedTooth
  Have certain categories be IGT and others RTABuffet_Time
  Leaderboard/Database structureFull modROMaster2
  Report accounts feature?Slevanas
  Dealing with categories for difficultiesFull modROMaster2
  Picture beside Username?  Page: 1 2Tigame
  Why have "ROM Hacks" been removed from the Main Game selectionSomeGirlClaire
  New games page layoutzergreenone
  Disable Emotes in Guide Section?TreZc0
  Using different "Default Time" options for separate categories[user deleted]
  Follow Button disappeared ?E_Dragon
  Marathon "Series" BugPreFiXAUT
  Extra Variables negate only one categoryCaliforn1a
  Records of deleted posts?Metruption
  Email Changecashew
  comments on speedrun comAbilienkov3
  How come my speedrun account doesn't connect to my Youtube account?KillerShark75
  Any plans to open source?Glacials
  "Adjusted" time to account for time difference between consoles?nub_hat
  Two separate columns for Time with disk change and time without disk change.FitterSpace
  Let users add their own RegionflagsBabyhuehnchen
  Emu runs should not obselete non-emu runsDudleyC_
  "Mark as Read".FurryWulfz
  Background sizeGhostly
  Can't open category in new tabfrenzied_coder
  PM system?bluewiregaming
  Changing Emails..Racingmonster
  Question in regards to differentiating individual levels for GTA V sectionDarkViperAU
  General rules?Yamayamauchiman
  Suggestion: Change list order of resourcesZephiles
  Ranking multiple runs by same person on one boardThrillUK
  Categories under guidesTreZc0
  Resources pageBmanRulesYou21
  Customisable 1st-3rd iconsLen
  Time Attacks/Time TrialsMeows
  Suggestion: Add scroll feature to the Games DropdownInstaSim
  Make a rule change?GrasshopperKing
  What's the difference between a regular Mod and a SuperMod on speedrundotcom?sigma88
  Messaging featureCrookedBadge
  Does the "Streams" page include YouTube streams?Ampsen
  Toggling multiplayer?Riekelt
  Follow Runners OptionRacingmonster
  Theme Suggestion(s)Racingmonster
  Prospective Move of Super Metroid Leaderboards and Technical LimitationsStraevaras
  What to do if the game you run is inactive?Kenata8
  How about allowing edits with out having to verify the run again.MrWalrus
  How should suggestions be brought up?1UpsForLife
  High Scores[user deleted]
  [Suggestion] Times in milliseconds?Xelna
  Change passwordPeterAfro
  [Suggestion] Total time for IL tableEwil
  Additional categories for games (like Mods or DLCs) / Admin-questionqckdth
  Submitting a run vs. editing a runArcus
  load removal timer1RD
  A new flagShiru666
  [Suggestion] Multiple tables per IL pageandypanther
  How to make Leaderboards properly?lako3000
  Requesting Email changeStevenMayte
  Delete a Game RequestMindez
  Run submission help.KTup710
  [Suggestion] Moving threads to the forum they belong to.Dacciox
  Two suggestions: TAS and global iconsLen
  Following SeriesKkove
  DuckDuckGo !bang command and search pageTrysdyn
  Unreleased gamesMultiwinner
  Category RequestsFechdog
  Individual level timingElgu
  General rules for gamesXelna
  Editing comments on run means it has to be verified again?BroDudeMan
  Wanting to Delete a Game, but...BlueInfinity22
  [Suggestion] About hiding and showing rulesXeiZ
  About Misc catogoriescybersonicstarzx655
  [Suggestion] How the date is displayedXelna
  Variable RankingShadowLinky
  select multiple categories for variablesAridolomo
  Adding times in bulktonic
  A couple guides suggestionsCaliforn1a
  [SUGGESTION] Extra Variables and Pokémon SpeedrunsPackSciences
  Individual Level Leaderboard shown by defaultMavik
  Option to hide the donator/partner iconAridolomo
  IL questionHeyItsBentley
  What's the site's goal for speed running?zewing
  Game/User URL bug?lEternalDarkness
  Site SuggestionLen
  Individual levels not showing up on a gameTheretrogamerbay
  [Suggestion] Allow Better Viewing of VariablesAprilSR
  i changed the site to swedish and i don't know how to change it backarmin
  A few suggestions (run showcase, 'report series', filters, some other stuff)BubbleBobbler
  Alpha Game Builds and Archiving GamesAdminkirkq
  Embedding Google Doc as a GuideRiddler
  Introducing SpeedrunComSharp...CryZe
  Hide #1 emulator time while still showing othersDecon082
  .lss files for splitsThatDrunkenDwarf
  Total Run timeCyberdemon531
  Individual Level LeaderboardsPottoww
  [Question + Suggestion] Show runs separately based on player countKrakob
  Request for time removals[user deleted]
  [Suggestion] Make runs rank-able by variableAprilSR
  (Suggestion) More required verification/video options[user deleted]
  "Variables Obsolete" + Displaying the correct ranking.Carcinogen
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