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Howdy, I was wondering what's the best HDMI capture card for ideally under £50 (Around $65)
There's some good PCI-e cards made by AVerMedia, though they certainly don't match your price criteria.

(USB Cards tend to have horrible delay - so I don't recommend to buy anything like that)
Damn, I'm out of PCI-e slots, so I am limited to USB sadly
For that price point idk if you'll get anything decent unfortunately. Most decent HD ones will run you close to $100 or likely more. You might be able to get one a bit a cheaper depending on where you look and how much shopping around you do, but I'd still recommend saving up a bit more money before shopping around.
I'm more than happy to wait a few weeks. |Thanks for the help guys.
Try to go for USB 3.0 capture cards. Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme, Elgato HD60S, and Avermedia has another one that's USB3. Try that. And you can always get a bargain if you buy stuff second-hand.

If you don't mind the delay, don't check out elgato, their delays and hardware reqs are awful. Avermedia/Hauppauge are my top recommendations.
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Personally, I would recommend an internal card, but if you absolutely have to go external then make sure it is USB 3.0.

I made the mistake of buying a USB 2.0 Card by Avermedia called 'Live Gamer Portable / C875' and whilst the quality of capture is very good, the consistency and drivers are absolutely horrible. Capture feed freezing, blue screens due to terrible drivers... It's in-house software also records at a variable framerate, and it makes it far more of a farce to deal with.
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If your willing to spend a few hundred I suggest looking into the Avermedia Live HD cards as they are very good for what they do,
been using them for a years now and they give me great 60 fps recording and quality on top of streaming it tho thats getting more into PC specs.
Under 150$ won't get you much for options tho especially if your not looking at internal cards.
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