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  turtles in time speed run helpretrounderground
  Are runs using the Retron 3 acceptable?zolfe
  I need a cheap capture card.TheJanMan
  Anyone interested in a game thats designed for speedrunning?name
  retime *8-4 SMBCEgoofychocobo
  Need help with a glitch deconstruction/replicationJayJane4
  Livesplit lags when on a second monitorBrokeSatan
  UKSM, The UK's First Speedrunning MarathonUKSM
  what counts as an emulatorGrandzelda
  Does anyone wanna run this game?UbuntuJackson
  Free Games to Learn Quickbigking06
  Tips on how to do multi-hour runs?JayJane4
  Recording with emulatorWonderCookie
  New LiveSplit Tool For Learning RunsiNightfall
  Opinions on ALT-F4'ing as a stratemeraldaly
  LiveSplit problemsblueYOSHI
  Pirated gamesWannnabe
  w00ty SDA Timer4Cipri
  Namco Museum for the gba1-up
  my ROBLOX Prison Life Kill 5 guards gets rejected for not escapingSpeedRunCentral
  Emulators and SpeedrunningAlleriuM
  Game runs too fastShtrudel
  Submitting a new category?Keop
  Crazy Ball AdventuresLichfn
  Free Games to Run?ramman321
  How to frame countChef
  Quality of recordingsEira
  Looking for help with a New SpeedrunPyrexis
  Avernum: Escape from the pitInherentlyObvious
  How to verify runs?607
  how many time to practice before doing the first run?phil_brault_stream
  Undertale GenocideSkychrew
  I'd like my run verified but there is only one mod of the game, and he's been inactive for a whileFlamehawk33
  typoman vs revised?kyten44
  What if I disagree with the rules of a specific speedrun?stevenr4
  good Pokemon Sapphire rom?Ricape
  ARPGME Submissions are Open!MASH
  Vhs submissions?stompkneexoxo
  $0.99 Game That Can Be Run In Under 6 MinutesTheNarrator
  Super Mario 64 DS - ModsMaxDragonSoul
  Verification HelpTheGreatToddman
  Best games to speedrun for beginners!  Page: 1 2 3JidoWu
  Are there any obscure games that you run/wish more people ran?  Page: 1 2TheNarrator
  Lufia 2 speedrunsmugetsukitoma
  NES Classic Mini vs. 3rd Party EmulationRektroth
  Challenge #6 - World Hunger, 1000 grains (100K grain special)Oxknifer
  Practicing LOBBY BLJ for speedrunning on WiiU VCRunnerUp
  Requesting a hack of a gameDabaski
  can i use ps now to speed run?bldagl
  New Award Nominated Speedrunning Game with Online Leaderboardname
  Speedrun Community Surveytonic
  PS2 Streaming Won't Work!TIJ
  Can i use PlaysTV to submit a run?Aurius98
  Magic Boy - SNES (Any%) in 1:05:00jackthelightning
  How to get a run checked by a game with a ghost modEnderCharizard
  Secure application for WinXPragnar_2017
  Etiquette of Submitting RunsZooball
  Does anyone know this game?SpiderSponge87
  What can I do when I submit a run and I don't get any answer?SSbeatle
  Challenge #5 - Human Anatomy, 1000 grainsOxknifer
  Hey all, I need some help setting up my set upMmmmTastyCakes
  Twitter Account that posts new WRConvoluted
  Lack of filmFlameboyguy5
  New GamesStrawberryMilk
  How long for games to be added ?NoobSpeedrun
  Try out Magus (PS3)TheNarrator
  Speedrun - Aqua any% critical/lvl1 : New road ?WildCosmos
  Gamecube or Wii for Pikmin 1 and 2?Aezis
  Does PlayStation Now count as an emulator?TheNarrator
  Speed Running Nintendo DS Games on a Nintendo 3DSConnorAnderson
  Speedrunning Rom Hacks?SuperDoomRyder
  I recommend speed running Minecraft storey mode!7uP
  Injustice Gods among US speed runBrunoValerio78
  Anyway to request a game be added?Lyzrds
  Where to get a Nintendo DS Lite with capture moduleCHRiTiXzZ
  Where Can I Learn About Making Local Recordings?cooopercrisp
  Searching for short or long speedruns? I made a toolAntee
  Challenge #4 - Countries on the Map, 1000 grainsOxknifer
  Remove Free MilkWurtweakle
  Speed run timer for Mac?Zer0z
  Dead Space 2/3thekaiguy
  How Good is DS emulation?Nyarlathotep
  Any short speedrunsGalliro
  Bloons Insanity: MAKE $20 QUICK!f1
  Kirby Blowout Blast as a Gamegolderzoa
  Lack of MotivationStrawberryMilk
  Dishonored FPS Cap when changed to v1.2Dilusionz
  Need help with a run that I recordedatari2.0
  Oxite Is dishonest in Dinorun DxManki9000
  3DS: Nano Assault EXNykon
  Games where the fastest any% is dumb/silly  Page: 1 2emeraldaly
  Challenge #3 - SAT 100 grainsOxknifer
  Need Help Setting Up Sub Regions in OBS StudioAngery_Aves
  Shadow Bug speedrunning?Overhill
  Electricity in house died during a run.Derick
  GamesDoneQuick IS LIVEOxknifer
  Modding might and magic 6Ichimarnold
  Capture devices hate my TV, how do I submit acceptable speedruns now?ItsASquid
  Summer Steam Sale - What are you getting?Racingmonster
  Get even section?Crispykills
  I feel lonelyNoobSpeedrun
  no megaman 2?codeinebuu
  When beating your timetrash_dog
  How can I upload a run?SSbeatle
  Any interest in Valkyria Revolution?CloakyHunter
  Tiles - Free keys for anyone looking to do co-op speed runs.Romans_I_XVI
  This'll be strange but... Has anyone ever run a demo collection?ItsASquid
  Two guys helped complete a single player runTheWinslinator
  good emulators for retro consoles?DarQ_Massacres
  Dolphin 5.0 - Memory Card Slot A is CorruptedSpiderSponge87
  Starting Luigi's Mansion 100%shiverrr
  Creating a list of Valid/Popular Emulators  Page: 1 2 3MopsyFlopsy
  Adding new Game for Speedruns?MCHadi
  2 player run for Samsh for 3ds?Seedrunners
  2 player run for Samsh for 3ds?Seedrunners
  Short RPG games?quaristice
  Running mobile phone gamesdrgrumble
  How do I "Prove" what emulator I did a run on?SamPlayz716
  Shadow Warriors (NES)Simple_Dack
  Payday 2 update? whats that?Reflexx420
  (Not A Threat) 16 star speedrun in 28 minutesRunnerUp
  Adding a new criteria for speedrunning a game?theLEVIATHAN06
  Single vs multi segment runszirekyle
  Guinness World Records Gamers edition 2017 GDQ, and SDA mentions.Theguesst
  List of speedrun gamesZer0z
  I dont know what causing thisDezu123
  Downloadable gamesOdessaMama
  How will I fix this?SpiderSponge87
  SMB3 wrong warp world record routeJeimarZeth
  Web game speedrunsZer0z
  Running legit on VMDani30868
  Why my passing, not published? (translate google)TGR
  Ingame timeMoumour
  Any games with a in-game timer?nnmn
  Mmorpg Rappelz LVL 1-153 SpeedrunJustPlayHard
  New Gamegear/Wonderswan/NGP Community Discordnazmax
  3DS CFW?Ghoistie
  Issue with Runs without Timer (Help)Racingmonster
  Do either PS3 or 360 tend to run faster than the other?emeraldaly
  Timer not workingZer0z
  Don't Know what games to speedrun?Zer0z
  Need more runnersZer0z
  Maths Vs MonstersZer0z
  The game that i speedrun isn't in the listTwilidash
  Verifying screenshotsMrVirusYT
  Jazzpunk AutoSplitter/Load RemoverUselessBrit
  Setting up splitsZer0z
  Question About Running Bomb Corpyellowlabb
  Mac recording softwareZer0z
  link for multiple videosdrayden15
  Definition of "tool assisted"oddtom
  New runningDynasty729
  Pming modsZer0z
  Adding Support for Grid 2 Speed RunningSylla929
  Moderators has not verified my speed run of SMB1 1-1OuaisMaisNan
  Speedrunning games similarZer0z
  Who sets the rules?Craprunner
  Great game for mobile speedrunnersMrVirusYT
  120 Star Ideal RunORaYBeast
  Catagory For Injustice 25axPlays
  Siglemic SplitsORaYBeast
  Auto splitter not splittingBludermaus
  Runs without videosDragon_of_the_Waves
  Devil may cry 3 double character run?SchwiftyYeen
  create splits and downloaddrayden15
  Question about an NES Speedrun.  Page: 1 2 3 4SandbagX
  Accusations of cheating and the standard of evidence.bluewiregaming
  How do time it accurately?Burke22
  Themeathon Marathon SUBMISSIONS are OPENJugachi
  OoT quick helpPinkVitamin
  Speedrun for schoolMarlar18
  Speedrunning on famiclonestroutspinner
  New on SpeedRun Worldlukeguerra01
  SDA RTA timingShaneO
  Best VR for speedrunning?Racingmonster
  Are runs still valid if youre listening to your own music?Rimey
  Delay for valid speedrunchristophedlr
  Retiming a SpeedrunRektroth
  Need help with bioshock infinite stratHexicuZ
  Claiming a WRSanjihimura
  Setting up timer for console gameZealotJohn
  SNES SD-card cartridgesRektroth
  P64 v1.6 Texture ProblemRimey
  Easy games?mrpokegamer
  Ethan Must DieBiohazard11189
  Input DisplayORaYBeast
  0M question...JoePatrick39
  Trying to set up a race in Resident Evil 7thebrokerapper
  Stretches for Keyboard/preventing hand problemsChamploo
  Is using a calculator considered tool-assisted?oddtom
  Split while speedrunningPinjong
  Edit Pending speedrunsnostalgianinja
  Super Monkey Ball Tip 'N Tilt speedruns?Kiby
  Help: Using Xbox Controller With PS2AdmirableJoe
  Emulators accepted?squirrel442
  Submission error on Burnout 3 runUlsterRosé
  Moderator hasn't verified my runLGRSR
  Running non legit copyLazy_Runner
  Hori Pad mini UsbORaYBeast
  Challenge #2 - Humanities All Subjectshi_im_airman
  Pal n64ORaYBeast
  Any good FPS games that I can grind on?AlphaOG
  7th dragon 2020 speedrunwarweeny
  Looking for Destiny speedrun team Ps4MightyyEdwin
  Can we have a Little Nightmares Speedrun pageblazemaster98
  Physical and Digital loading times are differentNolcolem
  Looking to start, or find a speedrunning event in the Seattle areaWryvin
  PSA: The Speedrun WR Bot is now available for MastodonFull modGyoo
  Little Nightmareszulin777
  Routing SoftwareChamploo
  First and best speedrun gamePatrick_Anime_Lover
  Xbox one Co-pilotZealotJohn
  How long till a run gets verifiedAndale
  10 Second Ninja X(Does anyone speedrun it?)Snorri
  Challenge #1 - English GrammarOxknifer
  you know what suckslasagnafield
  how time long speedrun (software, tutorial)?damsleretour
  Can someone help please! NEWLuxra
  Refurbished Consoles?DHutch
  (Delete this if not appropriate) Can someone else approve BLEED runs?tuff_lover
  Autosplitter Super Meat BoyLPDani
  FF8 Any% PC QuestionsSlothius
  Trading/Borrowing Games IdeaRacingmonster
  Disney Afternoon CollectionUnafraidzeo
  Nintendo 64 Games with no speedrunsFull modROMaster2
  Moderator hasn't verified my runAndale
  Auto splits for Mac?MrVirusYT
  (Undertale) Am I allowed to change the game's songs?DoNotErase_666
  Fast strats or cool strats?Lance_
  Looking For A Co-Op Speedrunning PartnerBnH247
  SGDQ 2017 HYPETron_Javolta
  Collaborative Routing Challenge #3 - Sign ups are open, Event Begins April 22ndcha0sWR
  Elgato and Speedrun timerPatrick_Anime_Lover
  One day !Tridarius
  creating a new catigoryZealotJohn
  Speedrun Time Pending for 2 DaysJeimarZeth
  Urban Legends of Speedrunning  Page: 1 2Nyarlathotep
  Is it fair to verify my own speedruns?Alexander_Silvarg
  "New" Game, trying to get it more popularJayMerideth22
  this seems fishyZealotJohn
  Incredible PS1 FindBrandonScottHill
  Recording runs with minimal toolsAshylee6
  VS Super Mario Bros allowed ROM questionAnnorax
  Run X-men Vs street fighterTridarius
  Anyone interested in running Diablo 3 NG+? I'd be happy to helpPukeattack
  How do we submit a new game to speedruniDanstar
  Wii U Capturing?Defalco
  WSplit Key ProblemsSenna
  First SpeedrunElementKZ
  Super Mario Bros. Flagpole Glitch HelpSmudgly
  what are your favorite shops?xmelvisx
  Blind race partner?R106
  3DS QuestionsFla__Sh
  When a run is in submission limbo...junkyard_dave
  *On RE3 speedrun video (Rebeca)Jackster
  Problem with livesplitLuckY
  Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Paz TrickHexic
  Dolphin emulatornightshadow76
  Help On Pokemon Blue Run?D7X
  Dreamcast Speedrunning SceneBSharpMajorGeneral
  Avatar: The Last Airbender timing start and stop questionsSirSlappyMcGee
  New to streaming and sending in speedrunsBiohazard11189
  Tiles - Beta Keys And A Challenge  Page: 1 2 3Romans_I_XVI
  Possible Speed Run Categories for BotWpazon123
  Berserk: Band of the Hawk speedrun?DaHiggz
  HowAreRuns Online Marathon -- Submissions Open!Cosmeme
  Speedrunning on PSX DVR?Nyarlathotep
  Payday 2 speedrun mistakeShyGuy
  Feedback on speedrun featuresLortimus
  What Software for exact timing???Cookie1733
  Autosplitter not starting?ThoMeg
  Taking suggestions for somewhat long speedruns (1-5h, preferably 2h+)~Amy
  Trying to start a community! Hear my storyjamesbrq
  Six! - Wanting some thoughtsRainbowQuartz
  Moderators of game can you become one?Cirnou
  Quick Browser Game SpeedrunMCLogreen
  Worst mid run issues?GreatWhyteNorth
  Do you have to capture both screens?Seydie
  Excel sheet that calculates goal splitsSekanor
  PS2/PS1 games Ran on PS3Billy1Kirby
  Fastest speedruns?Rustyyy
  1hour long speedrun games?V1lle
  how do you get into speedrunning?IncognitoCloud
  [Report Typo] 9m21s in speedrun of Piano Tiles 2 - 1?Orient
  help getting startedDav4
  Live Splits on PS4yellowlabb
  Add 100% discipline to MonstrumAlexander_Silvarg
  My speedrun getting rejectedCondestavel
  What's your biggest improvement from one PB to the next?emeraldaly
  Adding a new cat for Gauntlet Dark LegacyVII
  If you could trade your skill in one speedgame for another which one would it be?Slevanas
  What is the longest Speedrun you guys run?  Page: 1 2 3Superspyro64
  Why did you decide to run your most recent speedgame?  Page: 1 2Ihavenoname248
  Looking for some helpBilly1Kirby
  Blue DragonBiscuits777
  Which one should I learn firstBalletdancergabe31
  Capture card or way of recording AV Inputs ?TNMYcFan182
  Any way to play Sega Saturn games faster?Nyarlathotep
  About PS4 controller pluged on PCElixir95
  Music in speedruns?Biro@
  Authorization Request (Kid Icarus: Uprising)Joeypals
  Submitting for PS4 helpBRICKSandSTRINGS
  Trying to submit Mario 64 speedrun.zolfe
  Save states in BSNEStimxtim
  New Game to SpeedrunKex
  Short Speed GamesRacingmonster
  Hi guys i would like you to challenge me!!!hacxpiont
  Help with submitting run?xii-Deadly-iix
  Anyone ever tried to run Ozzy & Drix on GBA?Dislexsicknik
  Minecraft Map Speedrunning?TrianReallyHard
  Halo Categories?Hexic
  Running a Game with an Inactive ModTheJechtShot
  Frogger The Great Quest Speedrun QuestionBrandonScottHill
  Tips for preparing/practising a game?GlutenFree
  Resident Evil 7 Speedrunvageliskalem
  Moderators of game are inactivedaangast
  Need help to clarify Scripted and Scriptless Half-Life.FlyingMonkey
  Adding a Miscellaneous tab for Metro: Last Light ReduxDYE
  An Open Letter to the Speedrunning Community: Update Your Vocabulary.  Page: 1 2 3Semantic_Policeman
  Creating New CategoryElMagnificoDEP
  Asking for help on gecko codes for majoras maskllTimelessll
  New Game to RunStrawberryMilk
  Creating a guide in the future for Super House of Dead Ninjas. Two options.masterluigi452
  easy n64 games(that work on emulators) to speedrunPatrick_Anime_Lover
  Need help with megaman 2 zipJubbs
  The Alchemist of Speedruns.comsonicandamy
  Bloons Insanity: MAKE $5 QUICK!f1
  A good program to record?BiteIt
  what game should i learnBalletdancergabe31
  I have a dude about submit a speedrunEnddox
  Regarding Game RegionsShakikhan
  How to submit a run when the game doesnt exitDemzGaming
  Adding an on-screen timer to console footage?TheTrueCorrectGuy
  Who wants to help design a new speedrun for really complicated game?Pixie
  Want to run a King's Quest game?jakijo07
  About bug uses in speedrunsMistakes
  A regular stopwatch?[user deleted]
  Need some assistanceLadyDorkamus
  Limiting FPS to 60 in Dying Light?Bambi
  Speedrun this game, Immercenaryakiresu432
  Emulation questionLinkfan12
  Using Consoles, not Emulator.WeaponLord
  I think I submitted my run to the wrong categoryTrianReallyHard
  A Few questions on doing a speedrun on Atelier Shallieelkidwx
  Can you make a speedrun of a single stage while trying an all-stage run?lino1000
  Video link helpDaniel
  Setting up/using LiveSplit with SpeedRunTw1n
  Super Mario Kart SNES: Creating Fresh CategoriesWeaponLord
  Is there a way to submit run categories?Agamer137
  Super Mario Galaxy 2 QuestionFlashy178
  Damage jump problem in Half-Life.  Page: 1 2Pawitross
  Speed run gears of war 4Greaps77
  Do you need a timer on screen for submitting speedrun?PlatinumChemist
  "Runs Require Verification"[user deleted]
  I finally bought a capture card for Herdy Gerdy!BrandonScottHill
  3DS Hardware QuestionDani
  Need help with autosplitterNyarlathotep
  Looking for help finding glitches in Herdy GerdyBrandonScottHill
  X-Com Ufo Defense/Enemy Unknown and TFTD Ironman Veteran SubmissionsInMemorium
  Question about Free MC BootNyarlathotep
  A great game with only 1 runnertravisfreeman
  A game not the list?MrMaladroit
  Need help: zelda alttp any%Lomiig
  new gameOscar
  Need help with livesplitFlunksch
  Run Like Hel (PS2)l SpeedrunTheJechtShot
  Crash bandicoot warped first speedrunTopzombie22
  Shu Time Trialsdaley_Kong
  Need help for first gamefoostare
  Dirty David runningxman9amin9
  What is everyone favorite music to listen to while speedrunningBalletdancergabe31
  Recording with El Gato HDTheJechtShot
  Playing PAL PS1 games on NTSC Slim PS2 77KNyarlathotep
  stay tunedtarnawina
  Any fun, easy to learn, under 10 minute games?  Page: 1 2TheDinorhino
  Grenade jump problem.Pawitross
  AMAREC Autosplitter?Nyarlathotep
  Submission of Game With No RunsTheJechtShot
  When the Run StartsCrockey
  What Run(s) are you the most proud of?Havi
  I know you think its stupid but i think its not that bad.Assbub
  Diablo 2 - Do speedrunners use any mods or maphack?ElvenRope
  Cant submit Wiz N Liz run?Ichimarnold
  Copyright music in the runNehkRohw
  Game Boy Speedrunning Website (
  Livesplit keybind?DHutch
  Question: Allowed NES modificationsAvin_Chaos
  Do you have to directly record a timer and the game or no?ImTotallyNotMessi
  Your second speedrun?S.
  Problems with Livesplit and a couple of questions.Asylix
  How to fix having two runs in the same leaderboard ?Arnold0
  No game availableTheEnforcer9933
  what is your relaxing speedrun game you run?kaiten619
  Suggestion for New Game Category!!ImTotallyNotMessi
  Speedruns that are fun to WATCH?Shtrudel
  Is WSplit allowed for submitting times?Soupum
  Android/IOS EmulatorsNehkRohw
  How long is it supposed to take before a run gets approved or rejected ?DD_Gamingz
  Still waitingNyarlathotep
  "Regions obsolete each other"[user deleted]
  I need a bit of help.ImTotallyNotMessi
  STANDBY Speedrun Contest With Prizes !XerxesAsuras
  PSTV loads for PS1 gamesBrandonScottHill
  DuckTales (1989) Tournament 2016-12-01qbradq
  Anybody Experiences With GV-USB2?OddsomeOddy
  Can you add a game?PIKMANZ
  Which controls are allowed?[user deleted]
  Recording Android[user deleted]
  Series MergeOnlyOneLife
  Drug Testing  Page: 1 2 3 4 5doctorwoot
  Imported game runsFamily101
  How do you learn a game?kobepilgrim
  Top 10 Speedrunning Salty MomentsMAHER
  What is your best memory about speedrunfrostfallgaming
  The Definitive list of Games with Skippable cutscenes and gameplay focus!negajoey
  "Timer starts upon taking control"--why?  Page: 1 2kobepilgrim
  Question About Be In 2nd Place Of Speedrun.Shawne25
  Emerald Speedrun with Treeko?Stvrlee
  Quick QuestionNehkRohw
  Best way to record ePSXe?EddventureTime58
  Problem. HELP! Error CLR20r3 with WSPLITWeaponLord
  My very First SpeedrunRennikz
  Erotic Speedgames?doctorwoot
  TAS RunNehkRohw
  Advice about handling timers for console runs?Enetirnel
  Best Game to start speedrunning on?SassyJim
  In-Game TimersSvethlane
  UV -fast 100% kills 100% secrets, the whole gamefil0sof
  How important is a run's look to you?emeraldaly
  Please approve my speedrunFirst_Aids_Spray
  HOHOHO Someone on youtube reuploaded a couple of my runssRadge
  Autosplit super mario brosradeox
  How to make a SpeedRunning Video and what programs you need to doDashie
  Timing milliseconds?NoControl
  Looking for Completion of Adventure SpeedrunsEl-Nino
  GBA Speedrunning QuestionNehkRohw
  U3 on no merchantRuvikzAkumu
  Timer for Android SpeedrunNehkRohw
  Runs under 1 minute?Refresh
  Scariest SkipsOddsomeOddy
  Should i Get "alot of lag" when speeding running Metroid Zero Mission on VBA 1.7.2?th3lightslay3r
  World Records and SpeedrunningKil13rFTW
  Recording SoftwareMurKwerTer-Fer
  Speed Runners - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert?RODZombie
  Review TimeStunterLetsPlay
  Fatal Frame / Fatal Frame 2 speedruns on Nico Nico Video?Brand1no
  Free Non-Know SpeedrunsArcree
  New RunnersStrawberryMilk
  Help... Is there a Thread for Request?WeaponLord
  I need Help...Mathbro_31
  I need helphairbare
  New to speedrun and need some help :DLabtez
  2016 Classic Zelda Bounty Race!PresJPolk
  Record Lightgun shootersTietscha
  Dog Evolution speedruns?RainbowQuartz
  Amateur Portal speedrunner looking for help.4SouLs
  Recording 3DS XL/DSiRainbowQuartz
  Wondering if I can become a mod for a title.NickDoane
  my RE5 Pistol only Coop run.jakester31256
  How to record DS?ItzSweeney
  Load remover broken on W10, ideas to fix?ClownsAreATen
  Inactive/Unexperienced ModeratorYW1
  PSX Down in One - 15-16th October 2016Force
  Bourg la Run 2016 - French on site charity marathon - December 2nd to 4thFull modGyoo
  [Inactive Mods For Game]Dani
  record in pspmelwin96
  Italian Earthquake Emergency - Speedrun Marathon  Page: 1 2T1g3r_94
  Potential Methods for Universal Loadless TimingIhavenoname248
  Disney's The Jungle Book - PC-Version gog.comImmersedCimp
  Playstation 4 Community!Luxra
  Shadow of the beast for Genesis and Mega DriveNeuralFrights
  Is it worth starting a new category for an abandoned game?Jonlevir
  Kinda new could use some helprogshotz
  Speed Run "I Wanna"Warlon
  Easiest way to cut out part of a videoBrandonB
  Video requirements?hannahaho
  Australian Speedrunning MarathonFull modAMVX
  Running Japanese versionskobepilgrim
  Favorite SkipsLance_
  Doubt about RTAfmppires
  IL rulesGrim
  PS4/PS3 HDD RPM Speed run Rules?BLUE838
  Pokemon GO Speedrunning Ruleset Lvl20THEoleum
  Anyone interested in running these?Vyseoflegends9002
  I would like to be a mod ;DAppleIsCool
  New Speedgames?StrawberryMilk
  Do you keep completions/attempts figures for your runs?emeraldaly
  Giga Girl is a neat Mega Man clone that just came out a few days ago.Skuttie
  Timer for multi segment runs?BobCat
  Questions to speedrunners and glitcherstabasscore
  Turbo and SpeedrunsCosmykTheDolfyn
  SimCity 4pjlx911
  N+ DS Speedrun Questionsoberien
  wont let me go out off a level crash 11RD
  Are full bright allowed in Minecraft Speedrun?MegaPing
  Fotonica can now be speedruntcd11
  New fast paced speedrun?  Page: 1 2jarushi
  Game needs runnersNoControl
  Speedrun Assistant timer for iPhoneChaikitty
  Hey, how do I submit runs?tyPhoon16k
  Question about TombRaider Speedrun Rulesieatsushi69_
  Autosplitters are extraordinary things, but...Crockey
  How long do mod requests take?Nyarlathotep
  Is MMNT on the speedrun site?BossJelly
  Sonic CD (2011) Tidal Tempest 1max2016
  WWE 2K15 Mods don't respondssjvegito
  Hi, I'd like to get started in SpeedrunningSheeepman
  Firts speedrunWassy
  Auto splitXerxesAsuras
  World of Tanks now can be Speedruntcd11
  Good platform games on Steam for running?emeraldaly
  Forgotten game?Puffjak8
  I have this wild hair to Speedrun MLB: The Show...pjlx911
  Need help getting best version of RE3 for speedrunningZortek
  I Broke Skylands Jumper/Leaper TimeSaltyballYT
  12 hr challenge1RD
  Key rebindingZinnKayos
  How long do runs take to get published.Sheeepman
  I am trying to get an autosplitter confirmed, but mods dont answertcd11
  Oot wess to kakorikoBergerzs
  Can somoene help me to make Autosplitters?tcd11
  3D Platformers under 30 minutesNyarlathotep
  First-time of making speedrun Plz be supportiveremus_leung
  Game request impatienceSoulless
  I want to create a auto splitter for Toy Story 2 PC version how can i do this!BrandonScottHill
  New Streamer looking for help with Star Wars nes 1987 ANY%lunchbox1982
  Lords of the Fallen speedrundrgrumble
  Add subtitles to the speedrun videosKasumi77
  Question about GCN/Wii PlatformsItzSweeney
  Song of the deepazuza2525
  What would be a good speedgame for someone who sucks at games?HealingMind
  NES controllers (x-post SDA forums)inkject
  Can't submit NES games speedruns! Help!Kasumi77
  game recommendationsDarQ_Massacres
  Valid Emulatorsstripedpotato
  Speedrunning Oot on emulator ?Arcree
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