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You switch something between being a normal variable and a subcategory by toggling the appropriately named 'Use as subcategory' option.
@WeaponLord: It's not possible to re-activate it, since it's been deleted.
Runs stay on the site when the account is deleted, though the user can remove them themselves before requesting account deletion.
I guess that since it doesn't really fit in either, maybe the best option is to put it in both.
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Just because the gameplay is similar they don't necessarily belong in the same series.
It's a bit of an ambiguous case, but in my opinion it makes sense for it to be in the same series as Marvel Super Heroes, which definitely fits in the Versus series.

On a side note, I've deleted the logos for MSH: WotG and most other games you moderate because of the 'Must say ""' requirement they all failed to meet.
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It can be chosen; just toggle the 'show obscure' button.
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The user who submitted the run deleted it, so it's neither your fault nor a bug, just awkward timing.
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I realize that it's not ideal, but as long as you keep them below the existing ILs and add them in the order you want them in, there shouldn't be any need to re-order them, right?
Ewil: Looks like a false positive auto-ban by the spam filter, unbanned.
These show up for mods only, as they have the ability to submit runs for other players that way.
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There's no button for it, but you can use this:
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I agree, a speedrun website that has speedruns but doesn't have non-speedrun trophy data is a ridiculous concept. I propose that from this day forward, all speedruns (filthy cheats) are banned, and only let's plays should be allowed.
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@PackSciences I looked into this, using a stepped line would be easy enough and seems like a good idea.
Drawing both would be harder since it's not really supported by the charting library and tbh I'm not convinced it would look better either.
I'd like to get some more opinions on this though.
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Given that large updates never tend to go completely smoothly, I decided against rolling it out until AGDQ is over at least.
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Several of the runs he submitted were with stolen/copied videos.
I can't judge whether any or all of his other submitted runs are fake as well, given they have only screenshot proof it's pretty hard to establish (for me, certainly) but I would definitely suggest taking another good look at them.
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