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can you add il runs plz
how do i dl the beta
would it be possible if this can be added, is it even possible to play the story again after game is done, i bought the game today and tbh it looks really cool
what if i add you as mod can you change it
added remaster version
well someone add me on w/e so we can discus it
My time end at 6 54 so what. Time should it be then
so what ur saying is if i understand it right. should we use a timer for it
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how do i split the category so it look like this
you can tell the rules then i add it
why do you want to be a mod
you didtn pm me yet, so i did pm you, i guess we can talk about it
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i add it when all is there or something
yea sure im up for that
i will watch ur run to see how to do it
Idk this game so cant help sorry
write to me on discord
added the categorys spyro any% trifecta and 337% trifecta and sprash any% trifecta and 642% trifecta
remove the save file from steam and add it back after ur done
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